how to balance chandelier
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How to balance chandelier? Chandelier being the lighting and embellishing element of your home, should be installed in a way where it’ll perform both the functions well.


What if the chandelier hangs crooked after installation? Then the chandelier will lose all its beauty. It will look awkward, and it will leave a bad impression on the person who enters the room.

But don’t you worry!

As, in this article we’re going to discuss the ways via which you can balance your chandelier!

What are those? Let’s get a detailed insight!

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Here are some of the reason and solution to a crooked chandelier!

Imbalanced Arm:

The reason behind the crooked chandelier can be the imbalanced arm. One arm is heavier than the other one.


You can solve this problem by adding weight to the lighter arm.

  • There are different kinds of weights, such as fan weights, fishing weights, and lead shots.
  • You have to decide which weight will be appropriate. If you cannot find any of these weights, then you can also go for iron bars or even the stones filled in a balloon to balance the chandelier.

Chain Is Slightly Twisted:

The other reason behind a crooked chandelier is that the chain is sometimes kinked, which means it is slightly twisted.


  • You can resolve this problem by dropping the chain by one link. It will not give you your desired chandelier height, but it is a better option. 

Light Bulbs Are Not Balanced:

The other reason can be the identical light bulbs; if the light bulbs on both sides of the chandelier are not the same, it can imbalance the chandelier.


  • You can resolve this problem by putting identical light bulbs on both sides.
  • In some cases, the weight of the light bulbs is not the same, and you can measure it on your kitchen scale. In this case, you have to contact the company from where you bought the chandelier and ask for an exchange.

Distance Between The Arms Is Not Equal:

Unequal distance between the arms, which means the spacing between the arms is not equal, can be the reason behind the imbalanced chandelier.


To resolve this problem, you can take some help from a professional or do it yourself.

The Wiring Is Tight:

Tight wiring is also the cause behind the crooked chandelier.


Just keep some slack while feeding up the wiring across the chain.

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There are many other mistakes that people make when hanging a chandelier.

Here are some tips:


  • The size of the chandelier should be appropriate according to the size of the room. The size of the chandelier should not be too big or too small. There are measurement methods through which you can measure the correct size of the chandelier.
  • If you buy a chandelier that is too large for the room, then you can cover it up by installing it closer to the ceiling.
  •  The height of the chandelier should be appropriate. The chandelier should be kept lower so that it provides the proper lighting. If it is kept higher, then the purpose of illuminating the room will be diminished.
  • There should be a clearance of 30 inches to 36 inches between the table and the bottom of the chandelier.
  • To keep the lighting according to your choice, you should place the dimmers with the chandeliers to control the lighting.
  • If you are going to hang the chandelier in the dining room, it should be centered over the table instead of placing it in the center of the room.


  • Do not hang the chandelier close to the walls. There should be a difference of 4 feet between the walls and the chandelier. And there should be a difference of approximately 48 inches between any furniture and the chandelier.
  • Do not hang an extra elaborated chandelier over the table. These chandeliers take a lot of visual space, and the room will feel stuffed. If you are going to hang an extra elaborated chandelier, you should hang it close to the ceiling.
  • If you have a two-story entrance, then you should not hang the chandelier below the second story.
  • Do not forget the purpose of the chandelier in your room. Choose the chandelier according to it.
  • You should not be limited to one chandelier if your room is big. You can install two chandeliers in one room, and to keep it moderate, you can go for smaller chandeliers.
  • Do not choose the chandelier based on the trend. You should choose the chandelier that is compatible with the theme and the furniture of your room.

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There are different types of chandelier based on the lighting function they provide.

Let’s see what those are!

Uplight Chandelier:

Rather than direct downlighting, uplight chandeliers focus the light in upward direction that provides a reflected ambience around a space.

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Downlight Chandeliers:

These chandeliers provide a direct light below as well as the ambient light. It is perfect for those places where we need focused and direct light. 

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Ambient Chandeliers:

The ambient chandelier provides diffused and non-direct light downwards. It is required in those places where downward but non-direct light is required.

You can choose these chandeliers based on their function where you are going to put hang them. A chandelier should always enhance the surrounding of the room instead of diminishing its theme.

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Here are some tips with the help of which you can improve the lighting of your house or room.

Layering Of the Light:

The layering of the light is very important if your primary importance is proper lighting.

  • There should be proper overhead light to make the room bright.
  • Then comes the accent lighting.
  • To add more beauty to your lighting space, you can take help from table lamps, floor lamps, and even scones.

Right Size is very crucial:

Choosing the right size of the chandelier is one of the most challenging tasks.

 But there is a complete guide through which you can measure the exact size of the chandelier according to the room. 

Enhance The Beauty Of Other Things:

You can elevate the beauty of other pieces of art in your home.

  • Like you can hang a library sconce above a painting.
  • You can also hang a sconce on a shelf. It will instantly change the look of that piece of art.

Lighting Style Should Be Contrasting:

To make a better look, the lighting style should be contrasting.

  • As for the kitchen, you should have different lighting styles above the kitchen island and other different styles for the cabinets.
  • But the design and the color of the lighting should be compatible with the theme of the kitchen.

You Should Create Some Symmetry:

There should be some symmetry between the lighting and the other furniture of the room. It always gives the impression of uniqueness and balance.

  • Like you can go for the matching table lamps and the lights. It always looks symmetrical.

Choose Some Innovative Ideas:

It is not always necessary to follow the rules.

  • You can use some innovative ideas as you can use task lamps on the bedroom nightstand.
  • It will give a creative look to your room.

Crystal Chandeliers Are Not Always Necessary:

Crystal chandeliers are not always necessary.

  • You can go for the wooden, antique, and steel chandeliers.
  • All these chandeliers come in unique and fascinating styles.

Make The Chandelier The Focal Point Of Your Room:

Place the chandelier in such a way that it will become the focal point of your room.

  • It should be placed in the right place so that it remains prominent.

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Q. How do you fix an uneven chandelier?

You can fix an uneven chandelier by adjusting the shades at their level. But, sometimes the issue is in the center column of the chandelier that’s crooked maybe because of the stress during the shipment. Fix this issue by bending the center body until it’s properly aligned.

Q. Can a chandelier be too heavy for ceiling?

If a chandelier is heavier than the holding capacity of the ceiling, so YES, it can be too heavy for ceiling. As a thumb rule, if your chandelier is heavier than 15 pounds, consider installing an electrical box (like if you’re installing a ceiling fan) in the ceiling to carry the extra load.


Choosing the right chandelier for the house is a bit tricky, but it will completely change the aesthetics of the room. All the tips and suggestions mentioned above should be kept in mind while choosing, buying, and installing the chandliers.

Do let us know which tip proves fruitful in your journey of balancing the chandelier. We’d love to hear back from you guys!

Happy Balanced Life-Lighting!

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