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Chandeliers are beautiful centerpieces filled with light to enlighten your house. No matter how long or short your ceiling is, a perfectly installed chandelier to the ceiling will serve both the decoration and lighting purpose to the best extent.


How to install a chandelier to the ceiling? Might be your pop-up question!

In that regard, don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered!

A chandelier can be attached to the ceiling with the help of chains and support that is already been fixed into the ceiling.

 But, this is not it!

In this article, we come up with a proper step-by-step guide on how to attach chandelier to ceiling

Keep reading to know more!

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It is important to know how to attach chandelier to ceiling, even if you are not doing it yourself.

Having this knowledge can help you get this task done by an electrician under your supervision. You will know what needs to be done instead of completely relying upon the electrician. 


  • You need to start with removing the old light fixture from that point at first.
  • You will have to run off the power from the main power switch at first, to ensure there is no power coming, you can check by turning the buttons on and off again.
  • Now remove the old light fixture and let the wires hang out from there as that is where the lights on the chandelier will be connected.
  • You also need to detach your wires and separate them from each other


  • The next thing you need to do is to attach the support to the ceiling via ceiling mounting boxes or fan brace box.
  • The ceiling mounting boxes that are easily available won’t carry more than 50 pounds of weight.
  • If your chandelier is heavier than that, then you need to get the fan brace box.


  • Installing a fan brace box is usually the case most of the time.
  • So, you should remove the old mount box and attach this new fan box brace which can support up to 150 pounds of weight. 


  • Now coming to the main part of attaching a chandelier, you will first have to assemble the whole base of the chandelier before hanging it.
  • This assembly can’t be prepared once the chandelier has been hanged because, at that point, it will just risk the chandelier falling. 


  • Next, it is selecting the length of the chain for your chandelier.
  • It depends on you; how high you want your chandelier to be hanging. 


  • Now take the mounting strip and install it on your mounting box.
  • Usually, this comes with the chandelier itself.
  • If it’s not there in the box, purchase it from any hardware store nearby.


  • Now pass the wires through the chandelier and make sure all the wires are placed properly.


  • Now attach the chandelier with the ceiling and secure it with bolts and screws.
  • Make sure everything is firmly attached. 


  • Now attach the bulbs of the chandelier and turn on the power to see if all the bulbs have been connected correctly.

Hurrah! Your task here, of hanging the chandelier to the ceiling, is done.

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Even after you have figured out how to attach chandelier to ceiling. you still should get an expert’s help for it. The electrician can better handle the electricity and related wiring tasks.

With this knowledge, you can supervise the whole installation process of your chandelier but don’t rely completely on yourself after watching the DIY guide on installing the chandelier on your own.

 Even if you want to get the job done yourself, you will have to get the wiring part handled by someone else.

Chandeliers you can Install Yourself:

  • Since chandeliers come in different sizes, some can be completely managed on your own.
  • You can handle the smaller chandeliers by yourself and can install them without any trouble.
  • Hanging smaller chandeliers won’t need that much of the wiring work done.


Still, for the bigger chandeliers, the need for a licensed electrician is there unless you have some electrician experience of a similar kind.

Even while hanging the smaller chandelier to the ceiling, you have to be very careful.

  • To protect yourself, you need to have all the hardware like a ladder and a tool bag to carry all of your tools.
  • Another care that is needed is that you’re supposed to turn the main power off so you can work without the fear of getting an electrical shock. 
  • Once you are done with the task yourself, you have to check everything is working fine and if the chandelier is secured well and properly to the ceiling.
  • If not, then that is when you will need to call the help instead of wasting any more time on it.

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Chandelier being one of the expensive things, the whole chandelier installment will cost you quite some money.

  • The money for the chandelier’s purchase is completely different from the money that you have to pay to the electrician, and along with that, some money may also be needed for the additional installation supplies. 

Usually, the cost of the installation is around $300 to $2000. This cost can vary a lot based on the type of chandelier installed or the area of the country you’re living in.

  • Cost may vary a lot from city to city, but it would be around the average cost. You can get quotations for this from different electrician companies regarding the installation of the chandelier. 


Chandeliers are one of the beautiful things to add to your home that ups your home decoration game. Everyone wants their home to look nice, and if you want your home to have an aesthetically pleasing look, you must get a chandelier installed

People can have a chandelier in different parts of their houses.

  • Suppose you want your kitchen to be the center of attention. In that case, you can have one installed there as well.

From bedroom to bathroom, to dining room you can have a chandelier installed to wherever you want. 

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Buying a chandelier is a very important responsibility on a person because based on that choice, the entire look of your house or a room can be altered. You should always stick to the house’s theme, and that will work well while buying a chandelier.

Chandelier and the Rooms:

  • Suppose you are buying a chandelier for your dining room. In that case, you should know that your chandelier can’t be wider than the dinner table itself.
  • Taking the height and width of the rooms into account is also an important matter that shouldn’t be neglected. 

The Material:

  • You should look for the material compatibility to that of area.
  • For example: if you want a chandelier for bathroom the material should be water resistant, and sustainable.
  • Choosing the right material can be either cost-effective for you or will end up costing you a lot more. 

The Style:

  • The style of your chandelier is another factor you should consider.
  • If you are going for the looks from the previous era, you should look for the designs from those eras; preferably vintage style chandeliers.
  • But many modern designs are also available that can give your house a modern look.

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Q. How do you hang a hanging light from the ceiling?

You can hang a hanging light from the celling with the hook or anchor.  The process is: Securely install the bulbs on the fixture, connect the cord. Now, hang the cord from the hook / anchor you installed to carry the fixture. Adjust the length of your cord at desired height.

Q. How are light fixtures attached to ceiling?

You can attach the light fixtures to the ceiling via electric box rooted in the ceiling, and one or two screws to attach the fixture with electric box. As, these are not hanging lighting fixtures, therefore no hook or anchor is used. Furthermore, if it’s a sensitive or a heavy lighting fixture, better have a person to help you in the process.

Q. What are lights that hang from the ceiling called?

The lights that hang from the ceiling are known as pendant lights or sometimes called as a drop, or suspender. Pendant light is a lone fixture that uses cord, chain or a metal rod to hang from the ceiling. This lighting is used in numbers if suspended over the kitchen countertops, large ceiling rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and sometimes in bathrooms.


So this was all you needed to know about how to attach chandelier to ceiling. Getting professional help for this task is very important. Still, even if you have to do it yourself, you can get someone else to assist you with this. 

To make you aware of all the steps and rules while attaching a chandelier to the ceiling, we’ve added a stepping guide to it.

Still, if you’ve got any questions do let us know in the comment section. We’d love to answer them.

We’ll see you another time with another query- Till then HAPPY LIGHTING!

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