farmhouse lighting collections
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Farmhouse Lighting Collections That Looks Awesome

 farmhouse lighting collections
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If you are someone who is looking forward to renovating their internal home design and looking for ideas, then stop! Your search might conclude here. There is nothing more welcoming and aesthetical than the Farmhouse style. The aesthetics, heartfelt and soothing designs and their eternal blend with everything within the room are just breathtaking. 

Why go for farmhouse style when you can have something modern or crisp, something classy? This is the question that might spark among the readers of this guide but to assure you that nothing even comes close levelling with the beauty of the farmhouse themed home and the lighting of the same essence.

The most amazing part here is that you don’t have to uproot your residence to the village side to enjoy the convenience and beauty of the farmhouse themed housing. Would you have to change every living aspect of your house completely? Frankly no, simply having an elaborative farmhouse lighting scheme in mind would do that for you!

It sets the right tone in all rooms and living aspects of your house; it is simple to implement and doesn’t cost like crazy to get it done. But do you know what makes it even simpler and convenient? Well, it is in knowing what features you want and how to implement them into your space best. Following are some of the tips and guidelines that can essentially help you with that!


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If you are looking for an exact farmhouse style replica that can only be found with the original depiction, then the Briarwood collection is the right choice for you. It features a simple and aesthetic depiction of the farmhouse design laced with vintage and intricate wood patterns, subtle light bulbs and groundwork that supports a farmhouse oriented feel.


  • It offers a farmhouse-inspired design which means that it is cosy and comfortable to be around, the craftsmanship on this thing is superb and breathtaking at the same time. You can have it placed in your dining area, living area or kitchen even if space permits itself
  • The glow that is being put out there is magnificent, vibrant, calming and features a country-oriented sheen which is the very purpose of this whole setup in the first place.
  • It offers a faux wood frame that has a coastal-inspired whitewashed finish that is accented by a graphite plate, not accurately something that you might be looking forward to but get with this product anyway as it inspires a more direct string with the frame house design in general


Dimensions: Measures 38-inch width by 9-inch height by 10-inch length

  • Provides with accented farmhouse beauty at its finest
  • Easy and quick installation with no complications
  • Clean and vibrantly accented light
  • The crisscross pattern on the outside is simply breathtaking
  • A little far-fetched farmhouse oriented design
  • Lacks the media for customized horizontal adjustment

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This is a UNI-everything chandelier that can be incorporated or installed anywhere within your house, such as the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, dining room and hallways as well.


  • This is the kind of farmhouse lighting that finds its applications in a more broad and comprehensive simulation, such as it can be used for the indoor lighting, kitchen island, café, bar and restaurants as well.
  • It offers a sympathizing design with the farmhouse aesthetics, a set of 6 candle oriented bulbs is present on the inside that serves as the light source, and the outside metal frame showcases a more unique and affirmative look.
  • On the other hand, if there is some kind of irregularity with the product such as it breaks down, stops working or something else of the same type, then customer support is offered with 24/7 elongation.


Fixture Length: 31.88inch, Fixture Width: 12.4inch, Fixture Height: 17.32inch,

Canopy Length: 15.74inch, Canopy Width: 4.72inch, Hanging Chain Length: 25.59inch

  • A rustic and charming design with inspiring metalwork on the outside
  • Easier and quick installation
  • Offers customized horizontal adjustment support
  • The build quality is questionable for commercial use.
  • Might be a little pricier for the features it offers

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It is a serious take on the vintage-styled hanging designs; it features a globe oriented frame that encompasses three different light bulbs and an elongated chain for hanging it to a hook into the ceiling.


  • The vintage design features four different metal rings that overlap each other almost like an atom and within these rings lie three different bulbs that depict excellent industrial craftsmanship based around the idea of providing the user with a fashionable and an antiquated look at the same time.
  • The chain and cord that supports this whole architecture are adjustable, which means that it can be adjusted according to your dedicated preferences and the need for the overall length for this entire apparatus.
  • This might be the only vintage globe out there that features an easy install, only with one simple movement the whole assembly is ready to be mounted and installed.
  • It also features flat and impressive 12-month assurance of the warranty and a 30-day refund that is associated with the quality of this whole setup.


Dimensions; 13.5 x 13.4 x 3.7 inches

  • Easier installation
  • Atom inspired design
  • Customizable chain length
  • Quite bulky and not suitable for all home spaces
  • Might not fit your aesthetical needs

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It is well-thought-out in terms of the design that has been worked on by Claxy industries; it offers a dynamic wooden globe that has an antique wooden frame and an elegant off-white finish, to begin with. It is an absolutely lovely choice to go with regarding your kitchen and the idea of farmhouse lighting in general.


  • It feels absolutely stunning with an off-white wooden finish, and some slightly black tinges look old but breathtaking.
  • A customizable chain length that allows you to adjust the length of the globe as well as customizing your lighting needs
  • It works well with any dedicated E26 base LED bulb and even with some of the Wi-Fi smart bulbs, to begin with. it can also be made dimmable by having a compatible dimmer switch


Dimensions: 14.8 x 12.2 x 7.8 inches

  • Feverishly stunning design with an off-white accent finish
  • Carries a customized chain length to adjust your lighting needs
  • Contains a dimmer switch functionality
  • Looks a little too odd to be installed in living rooms
  • A little too pricy for its description

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This fantastic product provides with an impressionable industrial finish; it is a perfect blend of vintage and farmhouse style lighting. This is something that provides with the same stunning looks and grandeur no matter where you place it, in the kitchen, dining room or TV area.


  • This is a four-light drum-shaped chandelier that has some great finishes and promoting craftsmanship spilling all over its outer frame. The faux-wood finish accents stand out against the very oil black finish of the rods and the metal wire that runs all over its body.
  • The build offers the dimmable interface, which means that it has a dimmer inserted into it, which allows you to control the intensity of the light that gets emitted out of these bulbs.
  • The installation is also very easy; if you read the installation manual then there is hardly any chance that you will have to contact an installation expert and get the job done, it is more likely that you would be able to do that on your own quite fantastically.


Dimensions; 20.9 x 15.7 x 15.7 inches

  • Dimmable lighting with a control switch
  • Easier installation
  • Accented design in correspondence with the farmhouse lighting
  • A little bulky on the whole
  • The price is a little too high.

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If you are someone who is looking forward to installing a special farmhouse oriented chandelier to your house and want it to spark style and fashion, then this is the right choice for you. It offers a stunning, almost glittering design with extreme ambience.


  • The design is almost a romantic take on the wood frame that is washed away with grey colour and golden trims running all over the body, it almost gives away a cottage-style look and feel, to begin with
  • There is a 59-inch adjustable chain involved that provides you with a customizable option to alter the height according to your lighting requirements.


Dimensions; 22.6 x 17.72 x 17.72 inches

  • Perfect for decoration and other related purposes
  • Easy installation
  • Customizable and fully adjustable design
  • Have limited functionality
  • The sparkling and glittering sensation is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Farmhouse Lighting Buying Guide- What to look for?

1. Determining the very duty of lighting

It’s important that you take into account the very purpose of each and every room and then analyze which particular farmhouse light would best fit with the functioning of that specific space. The bathroom is for getting ready; the kitchen is there to cook and eat while living areas are to surf most of your free time and feel leisure.

That is picking the right farmhouse lighting is necessary if you want to make the best of it. Take into account the visibility and diversity, where you want them and which particular set of farmhouse lighting can get it done for you. 

2. Filling up your living space

Make sure that you fill up your living space with the right set of farmhouse lighting and to do that you must know the sizing of your room. Many farmhouse lights might come with their wooden and too bulky designs that are not that great to have around in the living areas and especially the kitchen where the functional momentum of things could be disturbed.

Measure everything before you make your decision about choosing a particular type of farmhouse light. If you want something for the dining table, then take into account the overall length of the ceiling to the dining table and then hang a pendant halfway that covers the berth of the table to provide with dedicated lighting.

The feel of the farmhouse light that you implement must comply with the décor and definition of your furniture’s overall style.


3. Consider the positioning

At what angles should the light scatter is a crucial aspect to consider and then positioning the bulbs and light sources accordingly. Should it be positioned up or down or positioned erectly?

Within the kitchen, you are better off with a farmhouse pendant that shines light directly on the countertops so you can have all the visual help that you require to prepare and cook the food.

On the other hand within the dining hall having a chandelier that shines most of the light on the top ceiling can be your best chance to have a little softer glow that facilitates dining and promote interaction between people sitting on the table.

4. Considering the colour palette

The next thing that you need to care about is the very colour palette of the farmhouse lighting. There are some vibrant colours to go with, such as the copper, red and grey while other dull-looking options in the form of light white and zinc are also present.

At the end of the day, it depends upon the very structure and binding of your house and what colours should go with one and the other. If nothing comes to the aid, then you can always go with the brown or dull bronze colour option.

5. Find your customized farmhouse features

The initial coming of the farmhouse style featured function rather than fashion, the doors and windows were always tilted to welcome the natural light and to further the ambience of the house. Heavy and weather-resistant barn doors, earthy texture of the floor with proclaimed woodwork or use of intricate tile and other such elements, all added to the cultural and promotional relevance of nature and functioning for a house.

That is why it is important to consider your focal point, something in your home that should help in the selection of the very farmhouse lighting; this is what you want to build your customizations around.

Enough with this buying guide, right? It might have provided you with enough details that you want to know. Keeping the above features in mind, down there, we have elaborated seven top-notch farmhouse lighting solutions that might tempt your project’s needs. Don’t go that far- just try them out!

Bottom Line

To conclude this all, we have enlisted seven best chandeliers and globes that bring on the table; something different, unique and catering to the individual needs of the users. It might be possible that you want a mix of these features and more customized solutions for you, it is just something works best for you while other’s need something totally different. The best way to bring yourself to buy one of these farmhouse lighting solutions is to analyze your needs and what will go best with your current setup at home, all with the look at our buying guide that guides you on almost every step you’re confused at! With that said, if you got any query or have loved the products we bring to you; do let us know in the comment section below- We would love to hear your thoughts!

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