chandelier under $50
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chandelier under $50
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Style you home with the crystal, vintage, modern and mosaic chandelier under $50.

YES, you heard it right!

No matter how tight you’re on your budget right now, just $50 can light your interior in a way you want. 

So, without a further delay let’s get straight into the lighting wonders that’ll add definition to your life at the most minimal price!

Who Are They? Let’s see!

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TADPOLES showcases statements at prices so low that you’d love to add them to your home. Among those statements lies black onyx lavender topaz chandelier that offers fashioned metal frames with charming faceted acrylic beads, true black-crystal colors, and glam dangles; pouring elegance, and royalty to your space.

Now, let’s check out what else is Black Onyx offering you!


Style: It’s a vintage-inspired elegant black-onyx chandelier of metal, glass and acrylic that tends to add a glorious feminine touch to your interior.

Usage: It’s a perfect lighting masterpiece for areas like baby’s room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen bathroom, dining room, hallways, and even in closets- All because it’s a unique mid-sized chandelier.

Bulbs: This chandelier uses three 25 watt E12 candelabra bulbs that show compatibility towards both incandescent and LED bulbs (not included in the package).

Size and Weight: Its dimensions (8 x 8 x 10 inches) and weight (2.99 pounds) speak a lot about its size. It’s large enough to add a statement, and small enough to speak about its tranquility and delicacy.

Cord Length: The chandelier comes with a hanging chain of 12 feet and an additional plug-in cord of 15 feet. The two ceiling plates each with diameter 4.7 inch along with the hardware are included in the box.

Installation: You can install the chandelier by hanging it either with cord, or plugging in as a swag lamp, or doing hardwiring to install it as a ceiling fixture. The company recommend installation via a professional.

Additional Features:

  • UL listed and UL certified.
  • There’s no assemblage required.

A few other chronicles, TADPOLES offer that are just under $50!

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The heart of lighting -PROGRESS– offer high quality lighting solution at the best affordable prices. Among its topnotch lighting fixtures lies topaz glass chandelier that’s just under $50! With heirloom finish, this bold rustic beauty offers light and design at a level that’s beyond the best!

At this low, what features its offering? Let’s see!


Style: It’s a rustic brown etched light topaz glass lighting fixture whose bold graphic forgings are aligned with the clean-lined riverside collection; giving off romantic vibes to a modern rustic styled chandelier.

Creation: It’s a chandelier that utilizes craftsman approach to a modern styled rustic chandelier with simple, clean and clearly etched detailings in a bronze finish.

In its creation are the deep-toned Heirloom bronze linear struts that are artfully intersected with the graceful arches; composing a striking silhouette that gleam the glitters.

Usage: You can hang it in areas like kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. But don’t forget to check the overall compatibility with the surroundings in terms of colors, format, design, and area.

Bulbs: This chandelier is a 3-light fixture that utilizes bulbs of 100 wattage with medium base. The bulbs are compact fluorescent, and incandescent. 

Size and Weight: This unique master-piece is a middle sized chandelier that weighs around 12.54 pounds. With the dimensions: 16.73 x 14.96 x 17.5 inches it’s perfect for small and mid-sized ceilings.

Its estimated size is: 18-7/8-Inch Diameter x 17-1/2-Inch Height that makes it a perfect fit for rooms of any size.

Additional Features:

  • It comes with a corded-electric power source.
  • It’s a fixture with 120 voltage and 100 wattage in total.
  • No batteries are required.
  • No certification.
  • Protruding plug profile with A- US style plug format.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Now, check out the top lighting fixtures PROGRESS LIGHTING offers to you for just under $50!

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DEMMEX is a Turkish lighting brand that uses handmade mosaic-glass pieces and beaded glues on the glass globes. Among those Turkish wonders is the Moroccan Mosaic Swag Chandelier whose metal etched metal body is top finial.

Yes, this amazing element is just under $50! Now, what more it offers, let’s see!


Style: It’s a handmade swag plug-in chandelier that’s globed in center with mosaic glass whereas tips are beautifully etched with metal.  Being a stunning piece of glass and metal it’s perfect to be centered in your living space!

Design: This bold Moroccan chandelier is a radiating lighting fixture whose center spreads unmatched reflections and spikes propagate statement vibes. It’s 100% handmade in which mosaic glass pieces are finely etched over the glass globe with stunning glued beads.

Usage: Being compact, and elegant, with traditional status you can hang it in your living space where you wanna bring a traditional Turkish touch- Let it be your room, or vanity, hang it to enjoy the best lighting themes it offers!

Bulbs: It comes with an E-12 US socket with a space for E 12 bulb. 2bulbs comes with each package but sometimes there’s nothing in stock.

Height: The overall chandelier’s diameter is 25cm making it 10 inches long whereas the diameter of the shade is 18cm making it 7 inches long in height.  What more is the approx. height of the whole lamp chandelier i.e. 60cm; 14 inches height that ranges from ceiling to the globe’s bottom.

Additional Features:

  • It can be hard-wired, swaged, or hanged.
  • A long cord that enough for hard-wired or plug-in connection.
  • Easy installation and assemblage.

For you, here are a few other considerations from DEMMEX that’re just under $50!

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The brand that add brightness and life to your space- WHSE OF TIFFANY– is now up with a beautifully crafted statement that’s unique, glamorous, and functional all at once.

With its stylish crystal base, you can never resist to be amazed. It’ll go perfectly with its simple, chrome shade to add elegance to your home.

But, what it actually offers despite being under $50? Let’s see!


Style: A sturdy and elegant fixture in an inverted cubic shape offers you both light and design via its chrome crystal beadings; making it a perfect fit for modern interiors.

Usage: It’s simple yet classy look makes it an amazing piece for places like: bedrooms, living room, kitchen, foyers, hallways, and vanity rooms.

Size and Weight: it’s a medium sized single loop chandelier that weighs around 5.54 pounds. Its dimensions reflect a lot about the space it’ll require once installed i.e. 10 x 10 x 11 inches. It’s sized around 8 inches long; making it best for both low and high room-ceilings (as cord is adjustable).

Additional Features:

  • No battery is required.
  • Total wattage power is 60 watts.
  • It is Energy Start, UL Listed certified.
  • Mounting plate is included in the box.

Now, let’s see a few more bewildering chandelier under $50, WHSE OF TIFFANY offers!

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WAREHOUSE OF TIFFANY offers stunning lighting beauties that are above par. Among those voguish elements lies the gorgeous traditional chic-Antique Bronze Chandelier– that’s worth buying!

This subtle statement with sleek base is a unique cage-like chandelier that provides a lovely glow and perfect style to your space.

But, what else this chandelier under $50 offers? Have a look!


Style: This brown geometric lighting fixture is a solid-state antique metal enclosure to vintage styled light bulbs. Offering value, aesthetic appeal, stellar performance, and easy installation; this stunning chandelier can be the element you want for your home. 

Design: Inside the spherical wonder lies the sophisticated candle base to which a hanging crystal bobble is attached. This wholesome package comes with the bold bronze finishing that pairs well with many rustic, classic, urban and modern interiors.

Usage: Place this antique lighting model anywhere you want inside your home because of its compact yet soothing profile. Its versatile placement allows you to hang it in areas like: rooms, kitchen, foyers, hallways, and entries etc.

Bulbs: The candle base station inside the chandelier offers place for three bulbs that are not included in the package. You have to purchase the compatible three 60 watt bulbs additionally to light it up!

Size and Weight: Metal and crystal being the prime components makes this chandelier to weigh around 6.84 pounds. Whereas the dimensions of this circular wonder are: 12 x 12 x 17 inches.

Additional Features:

  • Lighting kit is included in the box.
  • It comes with no warranty package.
  • The total wattage is 60 watts, and bulb voltage required is 120 volts.

The lighting brand- WAREHOUSE OF TIFFANY- offers a few unique chandeliers that are worth buying despite being under $50! Let’s check them out!

Apart from above best lighting brands, we’ve got for you a few more special, unique and stylish chandeliers that are worth more than they actually are i.e. the perfect chandeliers for your space just under $50!

So, what are you waiting for? Check them out, and check out now to add the touch you were waiting for long!

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