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Best Chandelier Over Bed-You’ll Love in 2021

chandelier over bed
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When decorating living space in this modern era, you can’t ignore the importance of installing chandeliers in your bedroom.


How, where, when, ad which type of chandeliers you should install in your bedroom, might be the most pop-up questions you wanna get rid of!

 So, without a further delay, let’s solve your queries, one-by-one!

Why install a chandelier over the bed?

  • Installing a chandelier over the bed not only gives your room an elegant look but also changes your mood from tired to pleasant.
  • A warm light chandelier will let you enjoy a night of sound sleep for sure.

Is it necessary to hang the chandelier over the bed?

The chandeliers that are compatible with ceilings give their best when installed over the bed.


  • Bedroom chandeliers aren’t large and don’t have a bright output.
  • Mounting a chandelier over your bed will make the surroundings of your bed glow.

Pro-Tip: If you don’t like mounting chandeliers over the bed, you can go for other options like wall-mounted chandeliers, wall sconces, and small stylish hanging pendant balls.  

Anyways, let’s have a look at the top five bedroom chandeliers that you can mount over a bed in 2021.

Note that we have picked these items from hundreds of products. So make sure you go through their features carefully.

 Have them to enjoy the true lightning experience!


Here is a slight overview of items that we have got for you today!

Product Name Dimensions (inches) Weight (pounds) Finish Type Bulbs

21.7 x 21.7 x 24.2



Incandescent, E-12, LED, CFL

24.02 x 24.02 x 26.95



LED, Candelabra

28.3 x 20 x 20




24.6 x 13.4 x 21.9



E-12 Base Light

17 x 98.5 x 17




Now, let’s dive into the details to find the best chandelier that matches your bedroom needs.

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Install this wooden chandelier in your bedroom for adding details to your furniture. With farmhouse compatibility and modern style, this chandelier will match every household’s decoration needs.

 Its four warm lights add a warm touch to your romantic bedroom. And if you aren’t enjoying a sound sleep, hanging this chandelier might help you out with that.

Let’s have a look at the features:


The LOG BARN four lights chandelier comes in a double-framed shape.

  • The frames are of high-quality wood with metallic finishing.
  • The entire chandelier is handmade that gives it a captivating look.
  • Its design isn’t for a specific household interior.
  • This chandelier is the best for modern, contemporary, and classic interiors.

Size and Elegant Design:

Chandelier size matters the most when buying a chandelier for hanging over a bed.

  • This chandelier has a simple design, but its size is enough to fit over a double-bed.
  • It comes with 59 inches chain that makes it the best fit for hanging over a bed.


A chandelier without a dimmable feature might not seem appealing to you.

  • With a dimmable feature, you can control this chandelier brightness according to your mood.
  • You can decrease the brightness all the way to 0%.

Also, you can increase it to 100% for enjoying an energetic time in your bedroom.

Easy Installation:

There is no need to hire an expert electrician for the installation process. This chandelier comes with pre-assembled parts.

What to do then?

  • Arrange the frames as shown in the image and adjust the height.
  • Finish the wiring process, place the bulbs and enjoy your time with this luxurious-looking chandelier.

Ceiling Compatibility:

Most modern and classic bedrooms either have a flat ceiling or sloped ceiling compatibility. But this chandelier is compatible with both ceiling types.

  • It makes it easy for you to buy without worrying about the ceiling type.

The installation method would be the same for both ceilings. So, no need to worry about that!

Additional Features:

  • UL Listed for Safety.
  • 2-years warranty.
  • 30-days return policy.

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Whether you want to hang a chandelier over the bed or Kitchen Island, WESTINGHOUSE LIGHTING will be there with more than one option.

Here we have the six lights chandelier with oil-rubbed bronze finishing. It could be the best partner for your bedroom lighting.

Here are the features that make this chandelier a demanding item in the market:

Unique Style:

It might look like a sphere. But it has three round frames adjusted in a way that gives the chandelier a unique style.

  • It is a rustic vintage industrial style.
  • This style appeals to people who love the industrial style and vintage look.
  • The design gives open space to bulbs, so they glow elegantly.

Bulbs Compatibility:

The chandelier comes with six bulbs capacity.

For experiencing a vintage lighting effect, you can use Westinghouse timeless bulbs.


A chandelier’s design won’t make you happy if you can’t adjust the chandelier over the bed. All bedrooms have versatile ceiling heights.

  • Thus, this chandelier comes with an adjustable height of 26-15/16 inches.
  • Install it over your bed, and we guarantee a peaceful sleep with its vintage lighting effect.

Safe to Use:

Of course, a chandelier for bedroom usage must be safe to use.

  • This industrial-style chandelier is ETL-listed to ensure safe usage.
  • In addition to it, the chandelier also comes with CETL safety for shock and spark-free working.


What would happen if you buy a chandelier and it gets damaged after a few months? The money you spent is of no use.

  • To save your money, you can buy this chandelier as it will last for a long.
  • Not only the chandelier but the Westinghouse bulbs also guarantee lifetime performance.

Additional Features:

  • Compatible with every indoor area.
  • 5-years warranty.
  • Attractive & dramatic size.

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Decorating bedrooms with strings of beads is out of fashion now. But beads are still highly in-demand when used with chandelier light.

LALUZ Six Lights Chandelier is a fine example of using beads. And its design matches the decoration requirements of modern households in 2021.

Here are the features that make will make you buy it for your bedroom:

Antique Look:

This catchy chandelier is a handmade item from starting to the finishing touch.

  • It has layers of beads that give this chandelier an antique look.
  • The beads are of crystal and wood that gives them a beautiful contrast.


  • They don’t glow, but you’ll never see this type of style in any other chandelier.

Adjustable & Dimmable:

  • The chandelier comes up with a chain of 59 inches in length.
  • But you can adjust it between 0 and 59.

It depends on your bedroom area. Adjust the height where you think the chandelier is performing as per your expectations.

The dimmable feature is another point that persuades its audience to buy it.

  • Use the dimmable bulbs and a dimmer switch to increase or decrease the brightness of all six bulbs.

Medium Size:

The item weighs over 12 pounds. But it doesn’t mean it is large-sized. It’s heavy because of its high-quality material and the usage of beads.

  • It is a 28.3 x 20.1 inches medium-sized chandelier that will fit your bedroom of a small and medium-size.

Easy To Install:

After looking at its design, you might feel it would be hard to assemble. But the manufacturers send the item with pre-arranged beads on the strings.

  • Moreover, the chandelier’s one-side bead strand is already hung at its position.
  • You have to arrange the second one similarly and mount the chandelier in no time.

Ceiling Compatibility:

You’ll be glad to know that this chandelier is compatible with flat, slopped, and vaulted ceilings.

Additional Features:

  • UL-listed for safety.
  • Multiple application areas.

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Modern lighting ideas are incomplete without discussing KSANA lighting manufacturers. They have a prominent reputation in the market of modern light manufacturing.

Here is the KSANA Six Lights Modern Chandelier for matching the lighting needs of modern bedrooms.

Let’s check out the features that this chandelier will add to your bedroom:

Simple yet Stylish:

The chandelier has six arms, three on each side. But these are freely rotatable in any direction. Thus, you can set its design in the way you want to.

  • In addition to it, its metallic body with gold finishing gives this chandelier a premium look.

Hanging it in your bedroom will make you feel like a millionaire!


This chandelier is adjustable in terms of its design and height.

  • Its height varies from 24 inches to 83 inches that makes it compatible with bedrooms or every size.


  • Be careful when you are setting the height!

It is because you have to cut the cord. In case if you make it short, you’ll have to purchase a new one.

Just Perfect:

With its adjustable metallic arms, you can adjust its design according to your requirements.

  • Having a look at its size, it comes with 23.5 x 25 inches dimensions.
  • It is an ideal size for hanging a chandelier over the bed.

 It doesn’t matter if you have a single or a double bed; it will do its job perfectly.

Easy to Install:

The chandelier comes with pre-assembled parts and all the mounting hardware.

  • Read the instructions guide that comes with the package.
  • Just be careful when adjusting the height.
  • Set the directions of its arms, mount it, and enjoy a unique sense of lighting in your bedroom.

Bulbs and Ceilings Compatibility:

You can buy this premium-looking chandelier without worrying about the ceiling type.

  • Yes, it is compatible will all the ceilings like flat, sloped, vaulted, and slanted.
  • Having a look at the bulbs, you have to buy 40-watts E12 Base Light Bulbs separately (recommended).

Additional Features:

  • ETL listed.
  • Dimmable with dimmable bulbs and switch (buy separately).
  • Hand-painted gold finishing

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If you are looking for a beautiful crystal chandelier for your romantic bedroom, you’ll fall in love with this chandelier.

Yes, it is like a modern chandelier, but it meets the designing needs of traditional, transitional, and contemporary household interiors.

Here are the features that will force you to buy this crystal chandelier:


JONATHAN Y is a symbol of manufacturing quality products. It doesn’t matter if a chandelier is of metal or crystal; you’ll get it in the highest quality.

  • This chandelier is of metal with black polishing.
  • It is decorated with clear white crystals to add an elegant look.

 It could be a perfect choice for your bedroom after marriage!

Energy Efficient:

Despite having an attractive look, the chandelier gives an energy-efficient performance.

  • It supports LED bulbs that consume less power than other bright bulbs (Halogen, CFL).

If you want an affordable chandelier with energy-efficient performance, this item is for you.


The chandelier comes with a single chain of 72 inches long.

  • It offers an adjustable height feature to enjoy the best lighting effect over the bed.
  • You can adjust the height from 26.5 inches to 98.5 inches.

It is perhaps the highest adjustable height that any crystal chandelier offers in the market.

Bulbs Included:

When we say it is affordable, we mean you can save a reasonable amount.

  • This chandelier for the bedroom comes with LED bulbs included in the box.
  • You don’t have to buy them separately, but these aren’t dimmable.

Buy dimmers!

  • You have to buy a dimmable bulb and a dimmer switch separately.

Safe to Use:

With all the exciting features, this luxurious chandelier is safe to use.

  • It is ETL listed and comes with 30-days of full money refund.

Additional Features:

  • Hardwiring installation.
  • 120-volt UL standards for safety.
  • Antique finishing.

BUYING GUIDE - The Best Chandelier for Your Bedroom

Hanging a chandelier over the bed is easy if you buy the perfect item for your bedroom. To ensure you buy the best chandelier for your bedroom, we have composed a detailed buying guide.

So, let’s have a look at how you can buy the best chandelier for your bedroom:

Mounting Place:

Where to mount the chandelier in your bedroom depends on your choice. But every bedroom chandelier might not be compatible with the place where you want to mount it.

For example: a chandelier compatible with walls isn’t suitable for mounting on the ceiling.

  • Wall-mounted chandeliers are for mounting on a sidewall.
  • Thus, better check the mounting place before you select a chandelier for your bedroom.

“For mounting a chandelier over bed, you have to look for centred chandeliers.”


A small or medium-sized chandelier is an ideal choice for hanging over the bed. It doesn’t matter how large your bedroom is. But you have to consider the chandelier size in contrast to your bed size.

  • Big-sized chandeliers are heavy and difficult to install.
  • Also, you’ll find it harder to adjust its height when hanging over the bed.

“Big-sized chandeliers aren’t a good choice for bedrooms. Thus try to avoid them.”


Look for a chandelier that is compatible with more than one type of bulb. But such chandeliers are hard to find.

  • In this case, you can prefer chandeliers that support LED bulbs and candelabra base bulbs.
  • These bulbs are energy-efficient and produce bright outputs.

“Dimmable LED bulbs will allow you to control the brightness according to your mood.”

Ceiling Type:

Most chandeliers are compatible with flat ceilings. But not all households have flat ceilings.

  • If your bedroom has a vaulted or sloped ceiling, check out the chandeliers that are compatible with such ceilings.

It is the step that most beginners ignore when buying a chandelier.

“Several chandeliers are compatible with all ceiling types. So look for them.”


Q. At what height can you hang a chandelier over the bed?

The standard height at which you can hang a chandelier over your bed is 7 feet, approximately, on a standard ceiling of 8-feet. No matter your chandelier is over the bed, or hung aside, make sure you’ve adjusted the height of your chandelier as per standard rule. If not, the chandelier instead of conveying cozy vibes, will look hideous. What more is, it may struck your head, while you’re passing by!

Q. Where a chandelier should be placed in a bedroom?

You can place your chandelier at these points in your bedroom, as per convenience: over the bed, at the head-side of the bed, in the room’s center, over the coffee corner in the room (if exists). But, the most recommended sites are: over the bed, and room’s center. But, if you want to hang it over the head-side of the bed, ensure that it’s not hung that lower that you bump into it!         

Q. How big should a chandelier be in a bedroom?

Your chandelier should be big enough as per this general rule: 1 foot to 3 inches. For example: If your room is 8 feet tall, then the chandelier should be 24 inches in size. Similarly, if ceiling height is 7, 9, and 10 feet tall then the size of your chandelier should be 21, 27, and 30 inches, respectively.

Q. Does a chandelier need to be centered in a room?

The most featured, and recommended position of the chandelier is the room’s center. Thus, you should hang a chandelier at the dead-center of your room’s interior. This is because the light of the chandelier then be highlighting the most nominal parts of the room, and will be featuring equal lighting spread in all the directions.

Q. Can you hang a chandelier anywhere?

Yes, you can hang a chandelier anywhere in the house. But, the most specific areas where chandelier would gleam are bedrooms, living room, foyers, kitchen, Kitchen Island, hallways, entrances, and even in bathrooms- to add a luxurious touch. But before hanging, don’t forget to read an installation guide, and going through hanging-height suggestions. This all will help you in a successful installation of the chandelier.



After going through all five chandeliers, we can award the LOG BARNS Four Lights Chandelier for Bedroom as the champion of our list.

Here are the reasons to your why:

  1. It will give your bedroom an elegant look because of its handmade design. Its wooden built quality is what hooks the attention of everyone who enters your room.
  2. This chandelier is compatible with modern, contemporary, and classic household interiors.
  3. It uses four fully dimmable lights. You can control the brightness from 0% to 100%, depending on your mood.
  4. The chandelier is UL listed and is compatible with almost every ceiling type. Thus, you need not worry about the ceiling type.

Other chandeliers also give such features. But it is the only one will all the features and a unique style plus sturdy built quality (wooden built).


Household decoration feels incomplete unless you add a lighting fixture. When it comes to lighting over the bed, you must look for bedroom chandeliers.

  • We have shown you the top five chandeliers in the market that will add a romantic touch to your bedroom interior.
  • All these chandeliers are ideal for creating a romantic mood around your bed.

Thanks for making it this far till the end. We hope you might have picked a chandelier for hanging over the bed.

Which chandelier will you buy and why? Do let us know your views in the comments. Also, let us know if you have any queries related to the topic.

That’s all we got for you today. We’ll see you soon with a new topic. Till then, Be Sound!

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