chandelier over bathtub
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Best Chandelier Over Bathtub-You’ll Love in 2021

chandelier over bathtub
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What is the need for a chandelier over bathtub ? Is it necessary as soap or shampoo?

 Of course not!

But hanging a chandelier over bathtub creates a romantic atmosphere, enough for luring you out!

Did You Know?

A stylish chandelier fixture with catchy lighting effects will fill the extra space and will convert your mood from tired to pleasant.

Modern households have chandeliers installed in almost every room. Thus, not installing a chandelier light in your bathroom will leave an incomplete touch to the overall house’ interior.

A chandelier over a bathtub has become a popular decorative measure nowadays. So, you may give it a try.

Can we use any chandelier over bathtub?

Most of you might think of using an indoor chandelier over bathtub. Yes, you can use an indoor chandelier in the bathroom, but there are a few things to look for before doing so.

“Hanging a chandelier over bathtub will make it prone to water drops or dampness. A chandelier for dry areas could not withstand such conditions.”

  • Make sure you purchase a chandelier that is at least UL tested for Damp Locations.
  • It would be great if you find a chandelier that comes with a UL certificate for Wet Locations.

To help you buy the best chandelier for your bathroom, we are here with the five best items you can buy in 2021.

Let’s have a tour to the top bathtub chandeliers catalogue!

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These are the best chandeliers you can hang over the bathtub in your bathroom.

Now that you have the overview of all five chandeliers, let’s jump into their details!

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Handmade chandeliers add a unique touch to your living space. When it comes to the best homemade chandeliers for the bathroom, LNC Chandeliers hold a prominent place in the market. The manufacturers come up with captivating bathroom chandeliers ideas to add a luxurious touch to your interior. Here are the features that make this chandelier unique from others:


This handcrafted chandelier wins everyone’s heart with its unique design. Its wooden center, and rust metallic arms makes it a perfect combo for hanging over the bathtub.

  • If you think you can’t purchase a luxurious chandelier at an affordable price tag, this item will prove you wrong.
  • The LNC French Country Chandelier is UL listed, which makes sure it resists water drops and dampness.

Adjustable Height:

You don’t have to worry about the ceiling height with this adjustable chandelier. It offers an adjustable height of 25.4 inches to 84.4 inches.

  • This feature makes it suitable for bathrooms of versatile areas.
  • Also, you don’t need any external tools to adjust its height.

Thus, get this chandelier, now, without measuring your ceiling height!!!

Compatibility with Ceilings:

If a chandelier comes with adjustable height and has compatibility with various ceiling types, no reason makes you leave it, un-purchased!

  • With its adjustable design, you can install it on flat, sloped, or vaulted ceilings.

Dimmable Bulbs:

Most people don’t prefer bright lights. Chandeliers that create bright illumination might irritate such people. But this chandelier comes with dimmable bulbs to adjust the brightness according to everyone’s needs.

  • Buy a dimmer switch and enjoy the lighting effects of your choice with six dimmable bulbs.

Easy Installation:

Several chandeliers require an expert electrician for installation. But LNC French Country Chandelier comes with an easy installation guide.

  • It is easy to assemble, and the company claims you can install it with a screwdriver only.

Additional Features:

This chandelier also has:

  • Adjustable chain length from 0 to 60 inches.
  • You can enhance its look by decorating it with beads.
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Minka Lavery Four Lights Chandelier is the perfect partner of your traditional household interior. If you are looking for a chandelier with a simple design, this item will make you buy it. Having a Brio Gold stylish chandelier over a bathtub will let you enjoy bathing in every season. Following are the features that you’ll get with this shiny chandelier for the bathroom:

Traditional Style:

The trend of having modern household interiors is famous worldwide. But several people love traditional indoor designs and decorations.

  • This chandelier is the best match for you if you want an astonishing luxurious chandelier for your traditional bathroom interior.

Bright Output:

Hanging this chandelier in your bathroom will eliminate the need for other lights.

  • It works on 240 watts to illuminate a bright output in the area.
  • It is recommended to use Candelabra Base bulbs (60 watts) to glow every corner of your bathroom.


Bright light doesn’t always appeal to you. Thus, the manufacturers have added the dimmable feature to make it a comfortable choice for everyone.

  • Add a dimmer switch to lower its bright output according to your mood.
  • This feature is the best for those who don’t want to increase their monthly electricity expenses.  

Adjustable Height:

This traditional chandelier comes with a single chord and chain.

  • It has a pre-assembled structure that allows easy mounting.
  • When installing this chandelier, you can adjust its height from 18.5 inches to 90.5 inches.
  • You don’t have to hire an expert for this purpose.


With this unique feature, you can convert the chandelier into a semi-flush fixture.

  • The process is easy and lets you convert its shape repeatedly.

 Thus, you’ll never get bored watching the same chandelier style again and again.

Additional Features:

The chandelier is:

  • Lightweight (around 5 pounds).
  • ETL approved.
  • A hardware mounting kit is included.
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KSANA is a famous player in manufacturing modern chandeliers. With KASANA K9 Modern Crystal Chandelier, you can add a warm touch to your bath space. The combination of gold-plated design with refined crystals makes it a luxurious chandelier fixture at an affordable price tag. Following are the features that make this chandelier the best fit for every modern household:

Unmatchable Look:

When looking for modern chandeliers, this item holds a prominent place because of its unmatchable look.

  • It is manufactured with irregular gold-plated frames that make it look like the most expensive chandelier.
  • Its bottom is decorated with clear crystals that add more shine to its texture.

 The bottom-based 13 polished crystals makes this raindrop crystal chandelier sparkle that you can experience after installing it in your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen.

Adjustable Height:

The chandelier comes up with a 59 inches lengthy chain. You can adjust its height from 18 inches to 77 inches.

  • This advantage of adjustable length is available for flat, vaulted, and sloped ceilings.

 Thus, this luxurious chandelier is compatible with any modern household interior.

Bright Output:

This chandelier uses three light bulbs to create a bright output. Also, its gold plated and shiny crystals play a quiet unique role in generating a bright output.

  • It is a big-sized chandelier with 18 inches of height and 13 inches of width.

Using this chandelier in your room will omit the need for any other light source.

Quick Installation:

Its design might make you feel that it’s hard to assemble. But this chandelier comes with a pre-assembled frame.

All you have to do is:

  • Set the directions, mount the crystals, and install them on the ceiling through screws.
  • Put the bulbs and enjoy your time with this beautiful chandelier.

All this process will consume no more than 20 minutes.

Compatibility with Bulbs:

This modern chandelier comes with almost endless features. Compatibility with several types of bulbs adds more charm to this luxurious chandelier.

You can try out different bulbs for experiencing different lighting effects within your bathroom boundary.

  • This chandelier is compatible with LED, vintage, incandescent, and CFL bulbs.

All of these are dimmable, so you can buy a dimmer to enjoy the lighting effect of your choice.

Additional Features:

This modern chandelier light has:

  • UL-listed certificate for all parts to ensure safety.
  • It creates a petal image on the ceiling that makes the environment romantic.
  • It weighs only 2.2 pounds.
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Westinghouse Lighting is well-known for manufacturing countless items for indoor and outdoor lighting. The market is full of products from this brand, and each product has all features for a targeted audience. This three lights chandelier targets the people who want to enjoy the minimalistic touch within their bathroom premises. Let’s jump on to see the features that this chandelier offers to its customers:

Simple but Stylish:

The chandelier might look simple, but it will give an eye-catchy look to its surroundings.

  • This chandelier comes with brushed nickel finishing that gives it a shiny look.

If you love industrial lighting, there is no way you ignore this chandelier.


You might have heard that chandeliers are heavier than other lighting items. But this item weighs less than 5 pounds that makes it a lightweight chandelier for the bathroom.

  • With this feature, you can install the chandelier yourself without hiring an expert electrician.


A chandelier without adjustable height isn’t worth buying in 2021.

  • That’s why this chandelier has an adjustable height.
  • Its chain and chord are also adjustable at 36 inches and 60 inches respectively.

In short, you can adjust it from all angles to make it give its 100%.

Compatible with two Bulb Types:

With this chandelier, you get the compatibility of two bulb types.

  • For bright output, you can use 40-watts candelabra base light bulbs.
  • But if you want to lower energy consumption, you can go for 40-watts LED bulbs.

Complete Installation Guide:

When you have a complete buying guide, why will you hire an expert electrician?


 The item comes with an easy to install buying guide.

  • Also, you get all the mounting hardware to make your work easier. This feature will save you time and money.
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Jonathan manufacturers enjoy a huge fan following worldwide. The company tends to meet the changing requirements of every household from traditional to modern interiors. This semi-flush chandelier light comes with rubbed bronze finishing for adding a traditional touch to your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. Following features will make you buy this chandelier for your bathroom in 2021:

Highest Quality:

Jonathan never compromises on quality and design.

  • This chandelier comes with a metallic built for long-lasting performance.
  • Also, it has rubbed bronze finishing to withstand damped and wet conditions without taking any damage.

Bulbs Included:

Several light manufacturing companies don’t include bulbs with their products. Here is when Jonathan takes the lead.

  • It offers energy-efficient LED bulbs (three bulbs) for quality output at lower energy consumption.

It is a valuable package when it comes to buying a chandelier for the bathroom.


With its eco-friendly bulbs, the chandelier creates a cozy warm light with a color temperature of 2700k.

  • It is an ideal color temperature for giving your bathroom a traditional look.
  • But if you want to lower its brightness, you have to purchase dimmable LED bulbs and a dimmer switch.

Easy Installation:

This sturdy chandelier light comes with pre-assembled parts.

  • All you need is to organize the chandelier and attach the bulbs to the sockets.
  • However, the company recommends installing it by a professional.

But, you can install it yourself if you are confident about doing so.

Additional Features:

The chandelier serves you with extra features like:

  • An iron cage for safety.
  • ETL listed and 120-V UL standards certified.
  • 30-days full money-back guarantee.

BUYING GUIDE - The Best Chandelier for Bathroom

Buying guides help you choose the best product from a saturated market. We have researched and noted the chandelier buying experiences of numerous customers around the globe.

 This buying guide will clear all your confusions you might face when buying a chandelier to hang over the bathtub.

Let’s start to help you make the best decision for your household:

UL Listed:

A beautiful chandelier with a luxurious design is of no use if it is not UL listed for damp or wet areas. You have to consider this feature when buying a chandelier for your bathroom.

  • It is because a chandelier over the bathtub is prone to water or dampness.
  • Thus, a sensitive indoor chandelier might not last for long because of such conditions.

“Always prefer chandeliers with UL Listed for Wet Areas because they’ll last for a longer time.”

Ceiling Compatibility:

Not all chandeliers are compatible with more than one type of ceiling. Thus, always look for a product that is compatible with your bathroom ceiling.

Most people prefer the chandelier design and think that they’ll find a way of installing a flat ceiling compatible chandelier on a vaulted ceiling. But it’s a waste of time and money.

“Buying a chandelier that is compatible with several ceilings is the best decision. You can always shift it from one room to the other with different ceiling types.”


A chandelier is nothing without bulbs. And every bulb is not compatible with every chandelier. Also, not every bulb is bright or energy efficient.

  • Thus, you have to decide if you want to use LED bulbs or high-wattage bulbs.
  • Bulbs also differ in terms of color, so understand your color preference before buying a chandelier.

“LED bulbs are bright, have several colors, and are energy efficient. Consider buying them for chandeliers over the bathtub.”

Size and Weight:

Chandeliers come in versatile sizes and have different weights.

  • When searching for chandeliers for the bathroom, you’ll see items of different weight and size.
  • You have to understand the nature of your bathroom before buying the chandelier that fits your room’s needs.

“Always go for the lightest chandelier because they are easy to install and thus lower the installation cost.”


Q. Which chandelier, and at what height should be hung over a bathtub?

A chandelier with UL listed for wet areas can be a perfect fit to be hung over your bathtub. The recommended height to hang a chandelier over the bathtub is 8 feet above the tub. But, if bathroom’s height is comparably small, better hang the chandelier in the bathroom’s middle instead of hanging it over the tub. To hang the chandelier go through the installation guide at first, or better hire a licensed electrician.

Q. Is warm white or cool white better for bathrooms?

The cool white light with 3000K intensity is perfect for bathrooms as it offers cool, crisp, brighter, and flattery feeling. Whereas, a warm white light 2700K intensity offers a bit warmer felling with  a cozier touch. It’s better towards skin tones.

Q. What is the best lighting for a small bathroom?

A flush mount ceiling light is the best lighting for a small bathroom. You can go with compatible wall sconces as well to light your small bathroom. A large lighting fixture won’t work in the case because instead of fulfilling its purpose it’ll cause a dump, narrow feeling- leaving you with a regret of installing a lighting fixture bigger than your space.

Q. How high should a chandelier be above a bathtub?

A chandelier should be hung at least 8 feet above the bathtub’s rim, and 3 feet beyond the highest point of the tub.

Q. What type of lighting is best for bathroom?

A bulb or an LED light fixture with possible white colors, in the range of 2700K- 3000K, best suits the bathroom’s interior. This intensity range is brighter, compelling, and more accurate for a perfect, cozier bathroom touch. Whereas, the CRI should be around 90-100, as it’s the range for the most accurate colors.


After going through the five best chandeliers from our list, we can conclude that the KASANA K9 Modern Crystal Chandelier is the winner.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. It has a gold-plated frame, offering a luxurious look and unmatchable design. Such features give a relaxing feeling in the area where the chandelier is installed.
  2. It is compatible with almost every ceiling type. It is designed to install on every ceiling of a modern house.
  3. The chandelier has compatibility with several bulb types. Everyone can use the bulbs of their preferences. Thus, it makes this chandelier an all-rounder player in the market.
  4. The quick installation feature allows you to save installation costs for hiring an expert electrician. The chandelier looks hard to assemble, but its installation takes only 20 minutes.

All these reasons persuade us to pick this chandelier as the winner of our list. It has almost all the features that a chandelier for modern households must have in 2021.



Hanging chandeliers over the bathtub is now among the top trending decoration ideas for modern, vintage and urban interiors. But several features are there that make a chandelier perfect for use in the bathroom.

In this guide, we’ve shown you the five best chandelier lights you can buy in 2021 for hanging over the bathtub. You can buy any of them depending on what features you want to have in your chandelier.

Thanks for making it this far till the end. Which chandelier will you buy for your bathroom? Do let us know your choice and reasons in the comment section down below.

  • Make sure to follow the buying guide so you can buy the best chandelier for your bathroom interior.

That’s all we got for you today. We’ll see you some other day. Till then, Be Sound!

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