chandelier for low ceiling living room
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How to Choose Chandelier for Low Ceiling Living Room

chandelier for low ceiling living room
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Obsessed with high ceiling lightning styles and decors of living rooms? But you got low ceilings with no space to show off a super dramatic modern chandelier? Fear not! Because styling a low ceiling living room with classy chandeliers may appear daunting at first, but an open, bright feeling with fancy styling is 100% achievable with voguish chandeliers, even you got low space.

Before advancing to the buying guide of chandeliers for low ceilings, there are few handy hints you must peer at! 

  • Before you go to owe a chandelier for your low ceiling living room, ensure the color compatibility between your living room colorations and chandeliers lighting patterns. Both color patterns should must assist each other in providing an overall aesthetic to your living room.
  • When you select your ceiling’s shade, we recommend you white tone, especially one with a crisp shade of white. It will cover your ceiling with sheen effects because a white theme owes a reflective surface that makes light bounce, creating a brighter atmosphere in low space.

“Try to paint your ceiling with a crisp shade of white cause this brings a shine to your lower height ceilings with marvelously amazing effects.”

Those were just a few pro tips before you went for owning a chandelier for a low ceiling living room. Down there, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate popping question when you go for a living room décor: “How to choose Chandelier for low ceiling living room?” This roundup of 7 unique and eye-catching options for low ceilings will solve your low-ceiling woes and won’t leave you longing for those large dramatic chandeliers.

1. Chandeliers with no hanging strips

Chandeliers with no hanging strips are preferred for low ceiling living rooms. This is because there should be a minimum distance from chandelier light to the ceiling so that light immediately reflects, illuminating the whole space.

When chandeliers with chains are used in low space, this creates discomfort during movement around the room and limits the light effect around it instead of lightening the whole room.

Hence, it’s better not to buy classic lamps or hanging chandeliers for rooms with lower space. Instead, it would be best if you went for low profile chandeliers, lights, and wall sconces.

The main aspects you should look for in an ideal chandelier for low ceilings

  • Compact design.
  • Minimum of additional elements.
  • The power of the lamps.
  • Directivity of the light beam.

2. Chandelier with number of lamps

It would help if you went for a chandelier with several lamps for your living room with a low ceiling. This will highlight your room’s interior with no take-away space, make it visually more spacious with the ceiling seemed-higher effect.

The spacious effect is gained through the lamp’s spectacular mirrors because they reflect light that spreads in every corner- creating a significant increase in space.

3. Long-narrow bubble style chandelier

You can achieve visually different effects with a chandelier in your living room with a low ceiling. This can be done by having a chandelier that’s with long and narrow bubbles. There should be no additional décor nor the hanging chains and strips, whereas, color you should go for in this design must be metallic.

4. Semi-flush Chandelier

For low ceilings, a cylindrical semi flush mount chandelier works the best. This type of Chandelier evenly diffuses ambient light in your living room with 7-foot ceilings. You can also add in a dimmer for more control over light temperature.

Choose low profile chandeliers to give the illusion of more height.

5. Chandelier with artistic flair

Consider adding a sizeable semi-transparent shade chandelier with an artistic flair that diffuses light in all directions for a sun-like feel in your living rooms with insufficient space.

You can couple it up with an exciting and inviting reading nook with some overstuffed chairs and a designer floor lamp for an artistic feel one can enjoy in rooms with large ceilings.

6. The Chandelier that matches the interior

To style your living room’s interior, chandeliers are what that performs the main job. Specifically, a room with a low ceiling, spider web, original plafonds, and bud styles plays a role in making the room classy.

In low space living rooms, you must ensure that the Chandelier you bought matches your interior. If not, the whole structure with look compact, leaving a dull-lethargic effect.

7. Color patterns of the Chandelier

While choosing a chandelier for low ceiling living rooms, color lighting is a real highlight. Too bright and excessively dark colors won’t take a chance. Go with something in-between to gain a classy-smart look.

Where, how, and with what a chandelier should be used in a living room with a low ceiling to create an illusion of a high ceiling?

Above was the buying guide of chandeliers for low ceiling living rooms. Now, we will give you some awesome tips and tricks regarding where and how a chandelier should be placed to make your living room earn a super modern look that rooms with high ceilings do enjoy. What if you don’t have one! 

If you really want high style but are saddled with an 8-foot tall space, there are things that you can do to capture the magic of those taller, more dramatic rooms. Here are a few tips for common ceiling light types to ensure yours is never short on style.

  • Add wall lightening fixture to make your ceiling look higher with an additional plus of a warm, cozy atmosphere.
  • Consider adding low profile furniture to low ceiling rooms. This will increase the space between the ceiling and the floor, making the room feel more spacious and breezy.
  • Adding a glass wall in rooms with low ceilings will increase the sense of space with natural daylight. Brighter is always better, especially in terms of interior design.
  • Going with the stripes on walls can be a good option.
  • To create the illusion of a generous space, a floor to ceiling door is a brilliant idea; you must go for!
  • Using vertical framed paintings will make the walls look taller, and the ceiling will seem higher.
  • A lighter ceiling with a dark-colored floor will also do the trick.
  • Unveiling the room’s magnificent feature, go for floor to ceiling length curtains, even if the windows are small.
  • Simple is better. Remove any extra furniture detail and keep the interior as simple as possible.

Tall accessories add illusive high ceiling space. But remember to go with a short-long contrast. For example: decorate the table with a small-round vase with tall-slim branches.

A few guidelines to remember!

  • The Chandelier should be no lower than 6’8″ above the floor unless it’s hung over a table or island. This to avoid hitting your head.
  • To create an eye-catching look in a large space with low ceilings, go with a chandelier with a large diameter but with a lower profile in height.
  • For dramatic style in a long hallway with low ceilings, try repetition with a stylized flush-mounted chandelier.

If you have no large space even for chandeliers for low ceilings, you can still create a unique look with cove lighting and architectural features.

The Core-Crux

When dealing with lower ceilings that simply won’t accommodate a sizeable dramatic chandelier, don’t fret! In this guide, we have enlisted seven best features you should look for while buying a chandelier for low ceiling living rooms also have covered a few tips and tricks that will help you create a unique environment while still adhering to height restrictions.

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