chandelier crystal shapes
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Chandelier Crystal Shapes -Beginner Guide

chandelier crystal shapes
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Want to choose the perfect crystal chandelier for your dining room, bedroom, living area, etc? Then, there are some things you should know about chandelier crystal shapes and designs

Crystal chandeliers are lighting fixtures that are used everywhere. They give excellent illumination and enhance the interior as well. But, make sure that you are really careful about choosing the right one. 

Always consider the following points while choosing the best crystal chandelier for your space:

  • Consider the size and shape of your space 
  • Make accurate measurements of your space to decide chandelier size 
  • Make the locations for which you are choosing a chandelier a priority
  • Choose the color of the chandelier according to the interior

Only a perfect light chandelier will be able to make a balanced light effect. According to scientific study, your mood is greatly affected by the level of light. Dull light can quickly spoil your mood. 

Are you wondering how to choose the best crystal chandelier for you? Don’t worry as there are a variety of options available in terms of shapes, sizes, and styles. But here’s your detailed guide to finding the perfect chandelier for your space. 

The crystal of chandeliers is made of glass. However, the crystal glass has more sparkle than the glass used for windows, eye-glasses, etc. 

Do you know lead oxide is an important component of crystal glass? The more is the lead oxide ratio, the better is the reflection of light. So, choosing the glass with more lead oxide illuminates your space exceptionally. 

On the basis of the proportion of lead oxide, here’s are the types of a crystal glass:

Crystalline: They contain about 6-10 percent lead oxide 

Half lead: These crystals have 24-30 percent lead oxide 

Full lead: Any crystal which has above 30 percent lead oxide

Now you know how to choose the best crystal for your chandelier. But make sure that you have the answer for the following questions before you make a decision: 

Is the style or shape of the crystal chandelier going well with your interior? 

Is it providing the level of light that you need? 

Does the chandelier come with the finish that you dream of? 

Do you like the crystal cuts used in the crystal chandelier?

If you have any of these questions, keep reading this for getting an answer to all your queries. 

Types of Chandeliers Crystals Based on the Shape of Crystals Used

Crystal chandeliers are different from each other based upon the shape of the crystal used. On the basis of these shapes, the crystals are divided into the different categories. Let’s get into the different types of chandelier crystal shapes. 

K9 or Chinese Chandelier Crystal Shapes

K9 Crystal chandeliers are of the most famous crystals used in the chandeliers. It is a Chinese Optical Borosilicate Crown Crystal. The cutting of these crystals in desired shapes doesn’t require many incisions. 

One of the reasons high demand for K9 crystal is its low dispersal properties. It is made from a glass that contains optical crystal. Due to optical glass, it is much clear and free of scratch. 

It is heated at a high temperature for molding into the desired shape. Then it is slowly cooled down at lower temperatures. This process is the core reason for its clarity. 

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Why you should choose K9 crystal for your chandelier?

  • It is light-weight, about 15% lighter than crystals having lead oxide. This property is useful because you can install it anywhere without the fear of smashing your ceiling or falling down. 
  • It is unbreakable, so you clean move it to any place safely. 
  • It has a high refractive index and has more shine than other crystals. In addition, it has incredible clarity. 
  • On top of all, it is affordable in comparison to other crystals. In luxury chandeliers, the most commonly used crystal is K9. But it comes in the best quality and affordable price combo. 

Due to all the aforementioned features, K9 crystals chandeliers are the ideal to make a statement at your space. 

Swarovski Crystals

Looking for crystal shapes other than the K9 crystals? Swarovski crystal chandeliers are a great choice then. The name comes from Daniel Swarovski who first crafted them. 

They are made in the Austrian Alps. Swarovski crystals are crafted by machine cut. The lead content is more than 30% which creates a stunning sparkle. They are available in a variety of colors. You can choose any color that goes best with your surroundings. 

The clarity, unique brilliance, and purity makes it one of the best crystals for chandeliers. Swarovski crystals contain an optical coating that aids the cleaning process. This coating is also responsible for long-lasting durability. 

Swarovski crystals, today, are used for both chandeliers and for making beautiful pieces of jewelry. But you have to consider your budget for them as they are a bit expensive than K9 crystals. 

Gem cut or Egyptian crystals

Want a crystal with a high lead content for more illumination? Then gem cut crystals are a perfect choice for a crystal chandelier. 

They are also known as Egyptian and Moroccan style crystals. You can opt for them if you want fabulous shine and shimmer at your place. They have a high amount of lead oxide in them which makes them flawless and clear.

Gem cut crystals are optically less pure than Swarovski crystals. To keep the shine and illumination the same, you have to clean them once every 2 months.

Turkish or Hand-cut Crystals

Want to add a traditional aspect to your space? Or you have antique architecture? Then choose Turkish crystal chandeliers to synchronize it well with your surroundings. 

Turkish crystals are also known as the Hand-cut or Regal crystals. These are the antique crystal chandelier types. They are hand-cut crystals hence called so. 

Turkish crystals are cut by hand on iron and sandstone into desired shapes. The polishing material is marble dust. While cutting on wheels, some permanent marks from wheels are visible. 

These crystals are best for you if you want smooth edges of the crystals for your chandelier. However, for these unique hand-crafted crystals you may have to pay a high price. 

Italian or Venetian Crystals

Italian crystals hail from Venice, Italy. Hence, they are also known as Venetian crystals. 

These crystals are made from Venetian glass or Morona glass which is a symbol of quality across the world. It has outstanding clarity and shine. This glass, in addition to making crystal chandeliers parts, is used for making vases, jewelry, etc. 

They come in different colors so you can choose the best one for you. These beautiful crystals can be molded in many shapes such as circles, flowers, etc.

Why Italian or Venetian crystals are different from others?

The crystals are not cut by machine or hand but are molded. Furthermore, they are polished by fire. This process gives them their unique shimmer and clarity. 

Why you should choose Venetian crystals for your chandeliers?

Besides having impressive qualities, they are reasonable as well. So, brighten up your home with these gorgeous light fixtures in your budget today! 

Rock Crystals

One of the oldest crystals today is rock crystals. These are 16th-century crystal chandeliers and candles are the source of illumination. 

Rock crystals are formed as a result of unique geological events. They are natural and are shaped by gem-cutters. 

Rock crystal chandeliers are not very common in homes. They are only installed in palaces and museums where they represent antique crystal chandeliers. 

How crystals are cut into different shapes?

The unique shapes of the crystals depend upon the type of method used for cutting them. Their specific properties are due to the different cutting processes. Here are listed three methods used for shaping crystals:

Machine cut crystals: These crystals are cut into desired shapes using machines. Machine cut crystals possess distinct angles, accurate polishing, and clarity. 

Hand-cut crystals: Hand-cut crystals are molded into specific shapes by traditional methods. These crystals are cut on a sandstone wheel and then polished on a wood wheel using marble dust. 

Hand blown crystals: These crystals have sleek and round edges. Murano and Venetian crystals are hand blown. 

Chandelier Crystal Shapes

Today the crystals of the chandeliers are crafted into different shapes and sizes. These shapes and sizes are called pendeloques. Some of the most common chandelier crystal shapes include:

Octagon: The crystal shape that has 8 sides is an octagon. The octagon chandeliers are the most common chandeliers in use today. 

Icicle: These crystals are small, thin, and have sharp edges. Icicle crystal chandeliers can be easily installed anywhere in your home. 

Spear: Spear shaped crystals are larger than Icicle. They are up to 12 inches in size and have pointed tips. 

Rosette: These flower-like crystals. The material used in rosette crystal chandeliers is mostly metal. 

Square-stone: These crystals have four sides and are placed at angles to form the letter X.

Swedish drop: These crystals possess a unique droplet shaped crystal having diamond-shaped angles. These crystals are also known as pear crystals. 

Kite: These are the kite-shaped crystals and having many small similar-shaped angles. In these crystals, the top two angles are longer than the lower two angles. 

Hexagonal prism: The hexagonal prism crystals are semiregular polyhedron, having 6 pointed tips at specific angles. 

Baguette: These are thin, long, and narrow shaped crystal prisms. They have a flat surface on one side and slightly raised at specific angles on the other side. The crystals become a spotlight in crystal chandeliers due to their incredible shimmers. 

Finials: These are short and round shaped crystals. They reflect light in delicate order and are often used as decorative items at the bottom of the chandelier. 

Cut ball: Globe-shaped crystals having many triangular angles. 

French: The shape of these crystals is flat on one end and have angles on the other. 

How to differentiate between a real crystal chandelier and a glass chandelier?

A crystal chandelier has lead content that makes its shimmer better than a glass chandelier. This is the main difference but crystal chandeliers give more color as well. So, you can check if you bought the real crystal chandelier or not by: 

  • As crystal chandeliers contain lead which is dense and adds more weight to crystal. The lead content may vary, but still, the crystal chandelier is heavier than the glass chandelier. 
  • Observe each carefully. The crystal chandeliers have more clarity due to the lead content. The clearer one will be a real crystal chandelier. 
  • Allow the light to pass through each piece. Lead in crystal allows more diffraction and produce a dazzling sparkle. However, the plain glass does not produce sparkle. 

For crystal chandeliers, the body is a metal like brass, bronze, and iron. Because the weight of the chandelier requires a strong body.

How to clean crystal chandeliers?

Crystal chandeliers are a statement of pure elegance in any home. They create a dazzling light when they are illuminated. There are two methods to clean the crystal chandeliers

Glass on

Use a spray bottle to wet the cleaning cloth with a cleaning solution. Wipe the crystal with the cloth and dry straight away with another cloth. Don’t spray directly on the chandelier. 

Glass off

The glass off method allows you to do a more thorough cleaning. For this, remove the crystal and clean it with a solution. 

Wear gloves while cleaning the process. Use one-part isopropyl alcohol to four parts of water. Clean crystal chandelier once in a year for its dazzling sparkle all year long. 

How much crystal chandeliers cost?

Want a crystal chandelier as a decorative item? But, thinking it’s not in your budget?

Then, try to know more details about their different types. The worth of crystal chandeliers depends upon;

  • Size of chandelier
  • Crystal used in the chandelier 
  • Tiers and light sources used in the chandelier

Some crystals are expensive, for example, the Swarovski crystals. But some, like K9 crystals, are affordable. 

Similarly, a smaller chandelier will not be as costly as a bigger chandelier. You won’t have to compromise on the quality as well if you choose wisely. 

So, keep all the aspects above mentioned in consideration while choosing the perfect crystal chandelier. 

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