can you put a chandelier on a slanted ceiling
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Can You Put a Chandelier on a Slanted Ceiling- A Complete Guide

A Chandelier can be a perfect decoration for your house. But what if you want to hang the chandelier on a place where the ceiling is slanted.

While hanging a chandelier, safety is the priority. You must hang the chandelier properly and with all precautions so that no mishap occurs.

“Almost all the chandeliers are designed for the flat ceiling, but you can hang them on a slanted ceiling with the right adapter.”

  • Now there are many hacks and tools available that will make hanging the chandelier on a slanted ceiling and have the options to enhance the whole view.

Here are some of the tips that you can use while hanging the chandelier.



Sloped ceiling adaptors are perfect for hanging down rod lights straight from the ceiling. First place the sloped ceiling adaptors on the ceiling and then place your chandelier on it.


It can be not easy to find the exact matching color of sloped ceiling adaptors, but it is not a big deal as you can go for color combination.  


Skylights are a perfect source of brightening your ceiling.


  • You do not have to spend the money on light bulbs and other light sources.


  • A source of light for the night will be additionally required.

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We recommend using shovel cut cans to hang recessed lights on a sloped ceiling.


  • Because of recessed lights, the light shines straightly down.


For buying proper shovel cut cans, you should know the exact shape and bend of the slope. If you’re not satisfied with the shape of shovel cut cans, you can trim them as desired, as per requirement.

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In slope ceiling canopies, the adjustable adaptors are attached to the canopies.


  • You do not have to worry about mismatching of colors as many companies are making sloped ceiling canopies and chandeliers with color compatibility.


Wall lights can help you a lot in enhancing the beauty of your sloped ceiling. These are placed at eye level in an upward and downward direction.

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You have to layer the lighting to provide enough light to your sloped ceiling room.


  • You can combine recessed lighting with pendant lights.


This innovation has solved all the problems of hanging chandelier on slanted ceiling. The ceiling adjustable chandeliers are easy to hang on any ceiling, even sloped ceiling.


Being new in the lightening industry, ceiling adjustable chandeliers don’t offer complex variety in colors and designs. The selective options in designs, color, and styles may be a problem to style-possessive peeps. Therefore, chose wisely!

Can You Put a Chandelier on a Slanted Ceiling?

Here are some steps that you must follow while hanging a chandelier on a slanted ceiling:

  1. The first thing you have to do is that you must weigh down the chandelier which you want to hang. You can find the weight easily on the description page.
  2. The other important step is that you have to measure the length of the chandelier. It is very important when you are hanging it on a slanted ceiling.
  3. Now choose the place where you want to hang the chandelier. Then check the distance from the floor to the ceiling. Now minus the length of the chandelier from the height you measured from ceiling to floor. Now check that if you have enough space left that you can walk easily under the chandelier. Just for reference, space more than 6 feet is preferred.
  4. Now after choosing the appropriate place, mark the area where you want to hang the chandelier.
  5. Now you know the weight of the chandelier, the other thing you have to find an appropriate j-box for your chandelier. Different j-box can hold a different amount of weight, so choose the right one. In j-box, all the wiring is done related to the chandelier.
  6. Then you have to cut the hole according to the size of the j-box in the ceiling. Use any tool that you think is appropriate. Now you have to put the mounting bars through the hole in the ceiling.
  7. It is recommended to have the wiring work done through a professional. You have to connect the j-box with the electrical wiring.
  8. And in the last step, you have to place adaptors or sloped ceiling canopies to place it correctly. Sometimes the mounting bars also have screws so that you can easily mount them.


Precautions are required while hanging the chandelier on a slanted ceiling. Then what if you want to mount a HEAVY CHANDELIER  on a slanted ceiling?

Though it’s possible, but you’ve to look in to these factors first:

  1. First of all, you have to check the quality of your ceiling that whether you can carry the weight of the chandelier so no inconvenience occurs during the hanging process.
  2. After that, the real problem arises. As you know that there are special mounting instructions for heavy chandeliers. As you’ll be using adaptors during the journey, this may cause problems in following all precautions.

Even with flat ceilings, warnings are given for heavy chandeliers. So it is recommended to choose fewer heavy chandeliers with which you can take all the precautionary measures.


Some of the problems you might face while mounting a chandelier on a slanted ceiling are: 

No chandelier of your choice:

  • One of the problems is that you do not have the option of choosing any chandelier of your choice.


The chandeliers with drop-down rods can be a problem as there is not enough space left between the floor and chandelier.

  • Sometimes you unable to find your desired color for the room-chandelier color compatibility.

An appropriate place selection- not one of your choices:

  • The second problem is that you cannot choose any place as an appropriate place is required where the distance between the floor and ceiling is accurate.
  • It is also possible that if the room where you want to hang the chandelier does not have enough space, then you have to change your choice.

Additional tools and accessories required:

  • You have to put some extra effort like you have to buy any additional accessories with it.
  • Sometimes you’re not able to find the desired tools, and then you have to wait for it. 

Slanted ceiling compatible lightening required:

  • Sometimes, the chandelier is not enough to light the whole room.
  • So you have to find the lights that are compatible with the slanted ceiling.
  • Now you have to arrange them in such a way that you have enough light in your room.

A bit costly:

  • As you have to make some extra arrangements for installing a chandelier on slanted ceiling, then it is obvious that it will cost you more than installing a chandelier on a flat ceiling.

Better if a professional performs this job:

  • It is not difficult to hang the chandelier on a ceiling, but for a slanted ceiling, it is recommended that you opt for a professional so that all precautionary measures are taken.


After reading the whole article, we can conclude that you can hang a chandelier on a slanted ceiling just by adopting new techniques. It is true that you’ll require money and effort, but the results will be amazing.

Now you’ve got the options of adjustable chandeliers and other helping tools in your journey of hanging chandeliers on slanted ceilings.

So if you want to mount a chandelier, then you do not have to think too much about it. Just choose your chandelier and follow all the precautions and steps mentioned above, and you will be satisfied.

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