can you paint chandelier crystals
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Can You Paint Chandelier Crystals-Complete Guide

Your chandelier is looking quite old, dull, and hideous. But what’s the reason that’s minimizing the whole look of the chandelier? It’s the fault of the old aging chandelier crystals!!!!

So wait not, and paint them!!!!

Maybe this sounds daunting at first PAINT and CHANDELEIR, but it’s possible!

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Painting a chandelier crystal saves you from buying a new chandelier, or buying new and replacing the old crystals. Although it’s a tricky job, But once done, the chandelier crystals will look good afterwards.

  • Most crystals have a smooth, stain-free surface, but sometimes the crystals start to lose their shine. So one should paint to retain the shine or give a whole new look to the crystals.

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Before getting into the easy procedure, let us know you the types of crystals used in a chandelier. This will help you decide what type of paint you should use in painting the chandelier crystals.

Swarovski Crystal Glass:

This is the most common and expensive crystal found in the world.

Why paint them?

  • The problem with these crystals is that they can get cloudy more than the other crystals. So they should be painted after a time as they become dull overtime.
  • They can get scratched also. The scratches will damage the whole look of the crystals. 

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Moroccan Crystals:

As the name indicates, these crystals are made in Morocco. These crystals are visually pure.

Why paint them?

  • Because they are so pure, the chances of dirt settling on them are higher.
  • If you have a Moroccan crystal, you might want to think about polishing and painting it when the crystals become cloudy because of dirt.

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Spectra Crystals:

These crystals are used for their reflective property. They cause prism effect in the right light, and they are a sight to behold.

Why paint them?

  • Now painting these types of crystals can diminish the reflective property, and we do not want that, so we recommend using glass paint. 

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Glass paint is the right choice for painting any crystal. There are three types of glass paints available that can be used to paint on glass.

  • Acrylic paints
  • Solvent-based paints
  • Spray bottles

Acrylic paint is one of the choices. Formulate solvent-based paints is another great choice for painting chandelier crystals. Spray bottles can be used for easier application. 

But if you want to use brushes, then use brushes that are malleable so that the nook and crannies can be painted without any damage to the crystals. Flat or angular brushes are the best choices when painting glass crystals.


Tip 1: Ensure that you are using the right kind of paint; read the labels on the paint you are buying, carefully. Most paints are not made for glass. They can damage the crystal thoroughly. 

Tip 2: Choosing the right type of brush is as important as choosing the right paint.

❌ It is observed that the synthetic fiber brushes leave brushstrokes. The paint will not look fine.

✅ The natural fiber brush will take more paint, and the paint will be smoothly applied.

Tip 3: Devise a plan. A plan will help you in devising steps that you can follow while practically doing the painting. 

Tip 4: It is advisable to wear gloves, or else your fingerprints might become a part of the paint.

  • Cleanliness is important while working on glass, or else you will leave smudges on the glass, which will not look good.
  • You are painting the crystals to remove any dullness, and your finger will leave a cloudy print behind.

Tip 5: Crystals are fragile ornaments; when you are painting on them, DO NOT APPLY PRESSURE!

  • It will cause two things; first, you might break the crystals, and buying just one new crystal is not easy. You will have to buy a crystal that will match the remaining crystal, taking much time.
  • Secondly, the paint might come off if applied with pressure. Crystals are slippery surfaces, and the paint might not remain on them if not applied correctly.

Tip 6: Painting in multiple strokes might create cracks on the surface of crystals, which will not look good.

  • Only do one thick coat to avoid this. But remember, the coat must not be too thick, or it might destroy the overall look.

Tip 7: Use cotton swabs to correct the mistake if the paint has not yet dried. Use a toothpick to correct mistakes if the paint has dried

Tip 8: You can be creative while painting the crystals, use stencils to draw a new design, and use painter’s tape. Painter’s tape will help you to reside in your painting area.

Tip 9: If you are painting on the floor, then cover the area below, so the carpeting shouldn’t be damaged.

Tip 10: Painting for the first time might be strange for you. So practice painting other glass before painting the crystals. It will help you a lot when you start to paint the crystals. You will make fewer mistakes.

Tip 11: Wear gloves and coveralls to save yourself from getting dirty.



1. Detach the Chandelier:

  • Firstly detach the chandelier from the outlet.
  • It will be easier to paint if the crystals are on the ground rather than painting the crystals while still attached to the chandelier.

2. Crystals and their placement:

Now we know that there are many crystals on a single chandelier, sometimes the number is more than 100. How can you remember which crystal will go where?

This is where you will have to rely upon your drawing skills. We know that not everyone can draw clearly, but we are not taking your drawing to a contest.

  • Draw a rough sketch of your chandelier.
  • Draw a picture that is understandable to you as you have to remember the positioning of the crystals.
  • Divide the chandelier into sections, e.g., top, middle, and bottom, and label them as A, B, and C.
  • Then note the crystals in section a, write it down, and do the same for all other sections.
  • Place the different types of crystals in their labeled bag after detaching.
  • Then paint the crystals section-wise.

3. Painting Crystals:

Remember the tips given above while painting. Now, let’s start painting the chandelier crystals:

  • You can use a transparent glaze to paint the crystals.
  • But before painting, clean each crystal thoroughly with a damp rag.
  • Rub away any stains but do it slowly, so you do not break the crystals.
  • After that, choose the paintbrush you want to paint the crystals with. The type of brush to choose is described in the above section.
  • Paint slowly and methodically. So no surface remains unpainted.
  • Let the paint dry.
  • While the paint is drying from section-a crystals, start painting the section-b crystals.
  • After the drying process is complete, re-attach the crystal to its right position.

And you have successfully painted the crystals.



Chandeliers crystals can be painted, and the procedure of the painting has been described above.

  • While painting, you have to see that the paint on the chandelier matches your room or at least complements your room’s aesthetic.
  • If you have a massive room and the room’s décor is in gold and copper, choose the color of crystals according to that color scheme.

 Painting is tricky, but with the right tools and the right instructions, one can paint without hesitation. You can watch videos on YouTube for tutorials of painting.

  • You don’t need to paint efficiently in one go, so it is advised that practice on different glass surfaces. Follow all the tips, and you will not regret painting.
  • If you do not want to paint by yourself, then hire someone who is an expert or someone who has painted a crystal before. This may cost you extra, but you do not have the finesse an expert

But do this yourself and make it a DIY project. This way, you control what you want to paint, how and when you want to paint. Do not get overwhelmed by the words, and once you start to paint, the painting will come easily to you!

Happy Painting :0

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