can you paint chandelier candle covers
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can you paint chandelier candle covers
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Can you swing on a chandelier? A million-dollar question and the answer to that question is yet to be answered. But regarding your query can you paint a chandelier candle cover or not? The answer to that question is a big YES! You can paint the candle covers.

  • If your candle covers are old and started to look hideous, then you should paint them.

This will renew your chandelier’s look. One should always look forward to updating his home. A yellowed frayed chandelier will diminish your sense of style.

can you paint chandelier candle covers
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There are many reasons one should look forward to painting the chandelier instead of replacing the chandelier and buying a new chandelier.

  • It will save cost.
  • Sometimes, the type of chandelier you want to buy is not available or above your price range. In that case, repainting is the best solution.
  • The new chandelier’s material might not be what you want; the material may not be good enough.
  • Painting can be done in any medium of your liking, and if you are doing it by yourself, you are in control of what’s happening to the candle sleeve.
can you paint chandelier candle covers
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It is not very difficult to paint a chandelier unless the chandelier is very large and one person cannot paint the whole chandelier.


  • While painting, cover the floor and use coveralls to cover your clothes.

The steps involved in painting the candle covers are as follow:

Step 1: Remove the light bulb from the sleeve.

Step 2: Remove the sleeve from the holder.

Step 3: Use a damp rag and clean the sleeve.

Step 4: Then after that, use the paint that you want to apply to the sleeve. It is better to use spray paint because the application will be easier.

And voila! You have changed the whole look of your chandelier. You can also make it a family thing and incorporate your family members in helping you in this endeavor. 


There are many types of paints you can use to paint the chandelier candle covers.

  • For easy application, use spray paint.
  • Acrylic paint is another easy solution, it’s not much expensive, and it is available at every store.
  • Chalk paint is an alternative that is now being used frequently.

There are so many different types of paints used now. You have so much to choose from but remember, always prefer the quality over quantity.


You should use paint colors that will complete the look of your room. Most people use white color that makes the room look brighter, and vibrant.

  • Vintage style chandeliers can be painted in gold and copper.
  • The funky-styled chandeliers can be painted in blue or other pastel colors.


Again, it is important to note that the paint should complement your room; otherwise, it will not look good.

For example, painting your chandelier blue while the room walls are gold is not a good move and vice versa. You can also ask other family members about what kind of color they would like to paint.

“Painting the candle cover will upgrade your normal, dull-looking chandelier into a new fresh-looking chandelier.”

People are afraid of refurbishing their chandelier sleeves, but it is not at all scary. You need to follow the simple steps given above, and you are good to go. But if help is required then you should consult a painter or an interior designer as those people are experts on the hows of painting and color scheme.



While we are talking about painting the candle sleeves, one should know the types of candle sleeves that are used in chandeliers.

When purchasing a chandelier one should look for the above types of chandelier candle sleeves, as they can be painted afterward. 


  • It is easier to paint the chandelier the same color as the candle sleeves. It saves much time.
  • Whereas, painting candle covers with different colors may be a hectic task. And some covers may get damaged because of the rush removals.

That is why most people prefer painting the whole chandelier candles with the same color.


  • Uninstall the paint from the already painted candle covers.
  • Cover your floor with a plastic cover or even a paper cover, so your floor does not get messy.
  • Paint the first coat.


The brush should be of the approximate size, not too large that it gets your hands dirty, and not too small that it does not cover the area; this can be time-consuming after the first coat is dried, put on another coat.

  • A double coat will help the paint look smooth.
  • After it is dried, give it a day; the next day, polish this with soft wax, and the look is complete.

 If you are painting the sleeves for the first time, the internet has many tutorial videos for beginners. Do not hesitate to color it in any way you like. The style will reflect you. You must not apply the paint thickly, or it will not apply evenly.


  • Do not paint one thick coat of paint, and the results will not look good. Try to do several light strokes.
  • Use painter’s tape so that you draw in the lines. Painting out of line will destroy the whole look.
  • If you d not want to remove the chandelier from the outlet, use a sturdy step-ladder or stool.
  • Use fine brushes if you are using paints other than spray paints. 
  • The nozzle of spray paint should be fine, or you will end with one big spot of paint and uneven paint.
  • If you are painting for the first time, try practicing on something else first, so you would not accidentally ruin the chandelier while painting the sleeves.
  • Wear clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. 
  • Protect the floor by covering it with plastic or some paper.
  • Paint fumes can be dangerous, so always cover your nose while painting, especially using spray paints.
  • Do not touch the paint till it’s dry.


The best type of paint that can be used on a chandelier sleeve is spray paint. There is no argument about it; many paint types, such as acrylic and chalk paint, are being used nowadays.

But spray paint is quite a lot easier to use than all the other paints combined.

Few more reasons of this paint being the best are:

  • Spray paints are easily available at every paint store.
  • It can even be purchased from your local Walmart or Target.
  • It is important to choose the paint that has the best quality.


Do not touch the paint until it’s wet, or you will leave your mark on your work quite literally.


Q. Can you spray paint a candle holder?

Yes, you can spray paint a candle holder. This’ll change the look, and overall aesthetics of the chandelier. But keep in mind the color compatibility and the interior look matches while choosing the colors to paint. Just spray paint one layer on the candle holder and let it dry. After that, apply the second layer if required.

Q. What kind of paint do you use on glass candle holders?

Acrylic paint best suits if you want to paint glass candle holders. Simply mix acrylic paint with some water and then paint the inside of the candle holders. If you want to create some patterns on it, do it before the paint dries with the help of small brush strokes. Let paint dry and you’re done.

Q. Can I paint a glass chandelier?

Yes, you can paint glass chandelier via glass paints.  Glass paints come in a variety of different colors. By using them you can create patterns and designs of your own on your chandelier. This will not only add meaning to your space, but will give enchanting fresh vibes.


From the above conversation, it is clear that you can paint the chandelier sleeves. You need to have a little faith in yourself as it is not difficult to paint the sleeves.

Most people buy new candle sleeves or even a new chandelier, but it is a lot easier to paint the sleeves.

  • It will save your money and the expense of labor.
  • A can of good spray paint is all you need to paint the sleeves.
  • And if you are feeling creative, use acrylic paints.
  • For that, you would need a good brush to help you paint.
  • It will also take time to dry but have patience, and the results will be astonishing.
  • You can also show-off your little creativity skills.

Paint with whatever medium or whatever color, but do not compromise on quality. You want your room to look classy, not trashy. An ugly paint job will only increase your workload and nothing else.

If you do not want to get your hands dirty, then hire someone to paint the candle sleeves, but again it will take extra cost, and 2021 is all about savings!

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