can you hang a chandelier from track lighting
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Can You Hang a Chandelier From Track Lighting? YOUR 101 GUIDE!

can you hang a chandelier from track lighting
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Chandeliers add beauty as well as efficiency to a track lighting system. But the question is

can you hang a chandelier from the track lighting or not?


CHANDELIERS V.S. TRACK LIGHTS can be a Chandelier Track Light!


Chandeliers have been a part of the house interior for several centuries, but now it has taken quite a turn with its modern looks and lavish designs.

Track lights:

The same is the case with track lighting which has been combined with this centuries old western culture to form an amazing look while enhancing your house’s attractiveness.  

Chandeliers have been a part of western culture from several centuries, and combining this culture with modern track lighting is certainly an art.

What else is, installing a new chandelier into your existing track lighting system is virtually hassle free and will take no more than a few minutes to complete.

In this blog, we’re going to give you a complete guidance on “how to hang chandeliers to the track lights?”

You can add multiple chandeliers of the same style on a track lighting beam instead of hanging only one chandelier. This will work wonders for large rooms, where more lighting is needed.

The way in which pendant lights are added to track lighting, adding a chandelier to the track lighting is quite the same. The difference lies in the weight of the object and the illumination it provides.

Chandeliers are heavy and provide more illumination than a simple pendant light. That is why adding chandeliers to track lighting is preferred nowadays. 

Now, before going through the complete guide of hanging chandelier to the track light, let’s have a look at the pre- installation process, at first!


The installation will go smoothly if you consider these tips beforehand:


Before buying a chandelier to attach to track lighting, make sure that the chandelier will balance out the room’s whole look. The chandelier should look good with the track lighting too.

  • If the style of track lighting is simple, buy a contemporary chandelier to add definition.


The track lighting is designed to bear a limited amount of weight. Therefore, make sure that your chandelier is compatible in weight to the track light. Otherwise, chandelier may fall, taking track lighting down too.

  • The weight should be a minimum of 20 pounds.

Number of Chandeliers:

The next question that arises is how many chandeliers can be added to a track?

  • The typical track is at least 4 to 8 feet long. So you can add 2 to 4 chandeliers of medium size to the track.


It is important to note the location of track lighting on which you want to add a chandelier. If it is located in the kitchen, it is best to add pendant lights instead of a chandelier.

Whereas, the dining room or lounge is a good location for installing the chandelier to the track light.


Check if the chandelier is adding glare to the room and is not minimizing the looks.

  • Chandeliers should enhance the brightness, color, and overall aesthetics of your room, if added to the track lighting.  


  • Light Fixture.
  • Drill.
  • Measuring Tape. 
  • Screwdriver.
  • Wire Strippers.
  • Needle Nose Pliers. 
  • Light Bulbs for Fixture. 
  • Braced Ceiling Junction Box (optional). 
  • Circuit Tester (optional).


Step 1:

  • Test the power to the track system by turning on the light.
  • Turn off the light.
  • Turn off the power to the track light at the breaker.

Step 2:

  • Verify that the new Chandelier will not overload the maximum wattage rating of the track light system.
  • Remove one or more of the existing lights to allow for the chandelier wattage, if necessary.

Step 3:

  • Align the contact blades on the stem of the chandelier parallel to the track at the point of installation.
  • Turn the Chandelier stem 90 degrees clockwise. The stem will lock into place.

Step 4:

  • Install the shade onto the stem.
  • Depending on the model you have purchased, the shade will either screw into place without hardware, or you will need to insert screws into the stem and tighten them to hold it.
  • If you need to insert screws, there will be precut holes on the stem, and they will be included in the hardware kit that came with the chandelier.

Step 5:

  • Insert a light bulb into the Chandelier that meets the wattage specifications for the light.

Step 6:

  • Turn on the power to the track light system and test to ensure all lights are working properly.

Step 7:

  • Adjust the light to achieve the desired lighting effect.
  • Once you have it set properly, tighten the position adjustment screws so that the light does not move.
  • Vibrations and the weight of the light can dislodge it from the position over time.

See, it’s that easy to hang chandeliers from the track lighting. What you need to do is just believe in yourself and follow these steps. If you think that you cannot do this by yourself then ask some expert to do this for you. Chandeliers are heavy objects and you can ask someone for assistance. 

This was all about hanging the chandelier to track lighting. But, what if track lighting is not installed to the ceiling at all?

Worry not, and Install!


  • Via the easy track light installation guide down below:


Let’s look at the step-to-step guide of installing track lighting. This will help you in the installation process of the chandelier as well.

Step 1:

The project’s first step is to measure the ceiling where you want to install the track lighting.

This will help you in knowing what length of the track is needed. As discussed before, the tracks come in the length of 4 feet or 8 feet. You can also make a customized track with the length specified.

Step 2:

Note the measurement of the ceiling, so there is no doubt.

 If you want to connect two sizes of the track, buy a connector. The connector comes in two shapes, an ‘L’ shape, and a ‘T’ shape. But even if you somehow bought a track that is not of the specified size, you can use a saw to cut the track to the size you want.

Step 3:

Insert the connector to the track before you install the track to the ceiling.

 It will be easier to do this on the floor rather than when the installation is ongoing. It will save time, and it is quite efficient.

Step 4:

Before installation, you must find the circuit breaker to switch off the power,

Switch off the power and then try to switch on the light to see if the power is off or not. After that, start the installation.

Step 5:

If there was an old fixture in the place where you want to install the track light, remove that.

Then expose the circuit box on which the old fixture was attached. The circuit box contains wires. The color of the wire can distinguish these wires. The adapter with the track will also have wires of the same color, so it will be easy for you to match them together.

Step 6:

Now, mark the ceiling.

Measure the distance between the holes in the track system. Then transfer these measurements to the ceiling.

Step 7:

Drill holes in the ceiling.

The holes should be 9.5mm in size. You will be adding the toggle bolts to the holes, so the holes should be big enough for them.

Step 8:

Insert the bolts into the holes.

The toggle bolt should be in an upside v-position.

Step 9:

Track setting.

After the toggle bolts are inserted into the holes. Set the track on the ceiling. After it is attached to the ceiling, put the toggle bolt nut and tighten it with a screwdriver.

Step 10:

Sliding the floating feed.

Then slide the floating feed on the track by 90 degrees.

Step 11:

Final attempt.

Put the chandelier or the lighting fixture onto the track.


Track lighting points in a specific direction, therefore you can highlight some specific portion of the surrounding area as well, i.e. a painting, a decoration, or simply some sitting area.



You can hang the chandelier through the track lighting by our guide 101 “Can you hang a chandelier from track lighting?”

All you need is an afternoon to accomplish this task, only when track lighting is already installed. If not, check its installation process above.

Track lighting also encompasses the whole room instead of the center space. This whole process might sound tough, but if you try a little on your own then you can certainly accomplish this task, by carefully following the process above.

Just in case if you are not interested in doing it on your own, or do not have enough time out of your busy schedule then you can always hire a professional to make your living room presentable with the addition of track light chandelier.

Happy lightening!

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