can you clean crystal chandelier with vinegar
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Can You Clean Crystal Chandelier With Vinegar? KNOW HOW!

can you clean crystal chandelier with vinegar
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Just imagine that you enter a room with a beautiful chandelier, but unexpectedly, it is covered with grease and dirt. Awfully a bad impression!!!

 The same is the case with the chandelier in your room, lounge, and kitchen, which does not shine as it shines before.

  • If you wait for a cleaning miracle to clean it, then it might become very difficult for you to clean it at all!!

So, let’s clean it!

Vinegar V.S. Commercial Cleansers:

Most people choose to clean the chandelier crystals with apple cider vinegar as it offer better cleansing effects and no harm to the crystals, at all.

  • For commercial cleaners, it will become difficult for you to decide as there are many options to go with.
  • You might also be worried about the harms that these cleaners can do to your precious chandelier.

So, why not try a home remedy to clean your chandelier crystals at home with ease! Let’s do it!!


Time Lapse:

  • can you clean crystal chandelier with vinegar
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    It is recommended that you clean your chandelier once every year, so there is not too much dirt accumulated.
  • The time gap can also depend on the regions where you live.
  • If you think that after a year, the crystals of your chandelier are still crystal clear, then you can wait for some more months.
  • And if the crystals become dull before a year, then you can clean them before a year.

Cleansing and Chandelier Design:

Another important thing that you have to take care of is memorizing the chandelier’s design.

  • To do this, you can take pictures of your chandelier from different angles.
  • You can also do some drawing to memorize it.

 If your chandelier is large, then you can divide it into sections or manageable pieces for convenience to clean. This makes your cleaning process easy.

There are two types of cleaning processes you can opt for:

  1. When the glass or crystals are attached to the chandelier.
  2. When the glass and the crystals are not attached to the chandelier.


A Cleansing Spray:

can you clean crystal chandelier with vinegar
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First of all, take an empty spray bottle. Now take a bottle of apple cider vinegar and one cup of water, add both the ingredients to the spray bottle, and your cleaning spray is ready.

Other Things:

In addition to cleansing spray you need following things for cleaning your chandelier:

  • A ladder with an appropriate size can easily reach the chandelier, and it’s all parts.
  • Now take a plastic sheet and with the help of it cover the tables and other things in the surrounding.
  • Masking tapes will come in handy as they will protect the other crucial parts of the chandelier.
  • Plastic baggies will help you cover the chandelier parts that you do not want to get wet.
  • A cleaning cloth that should not be too harsh to avoid any scratches.


can you clean crystal chandelier with vinegar
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Now the question arises why should we use apple cider vinegar for crystals of the chandelier when there are many artificial cleaners available in the market.

  • It’s cheap, and easy to use.
  • It’s a simple DIY that require three ingredients water, vinegar and a spray bottle.
  • You do not have to opt for artificial cleansers as they cause confusion while selection, and some may leave marks on the chandelier because of the harmful ingredients.
  • Lastly, apple cider vinegar is best known for the shine it provides to the crystals of chandelier.

If the crystals of your chandelier have become dull, then on the internet, you will always find the recommendation of using apple cider vinegar.


  1. The first thing you have to do is to turn off the power to prevent any mishap. For more satisfaction, you can completely turn off the power from the breaker.
  2. The other thing that you must keep in mind is to avoid rotating the chandelier as it is a dangerous thing to do. So better move your ladder around, in the case.


If your chandelier is at a far height, then when cleaning it, you take this opportunity to change all the chandelier’s lights to make it all done. 



1. When Glass/Crystals Are Attached:

can you clean crystal chandelier with vinegar
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If the glass or crystal is attached, you have to take the prepared solution, mentioned above, on the cleaning cloth, recommended: lint-free cloth. Now start cleaning the crystals.

 The next step you have to do is clean the crystals with a damp cloth and then dry the crystals with another cloth.


  • You have to do all the processes carefully so that there are no marks left.
  • Do not clean the crystals harshly, or it will damage them or leave scratches.

Here are the thorough steps to clean your crystal chandelier:

  • The first thing you have to do is to turn off the lights and let them cool for some time as the bulbs might be hot.
  • Now spread the sheet on the floor under the chandelier and place the ladder on it.
  • You can also use foam or a mattress for protective purposes in case anything falls.
  • Take the ladder of the right height, which is convenient to reach the chandelier.
  • Now spray the apple cider vinegar solution on the cleaning cloth and clean the crystals step by step as mentioned above.
  • It is recommended to wear protective eyeglasses, gloves, and an apron for safety purposes as apple cider can be harmful to the eyes.
  • You have to clean each crystal one by one properly. 
  • Never spray the solution directly on the crystals; instead, spray it on the cleaning cloth.
  • Now it’s the turn for the chandelier’s frame, and it is preferred to clean it with a suitable cleanser for the respective material. Mostly it is recommended to use a dry cloth to clean the frame as some of the cleaning sprays might have harmful ingredients.
  • Change the light bulbs if needed and, in the end, clean them carefully. 

2. When Glass/Crystals Are Not Attached:

can you clean crystal chandelier with vinegar
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If you want to do a thorough cleaning, then this method is more preferred. Through this method, you do not have to worry about handling the chandelier carefully.

You’ll be having a greater access to the frame of the chandelier for proper cleaning. In this method, you can clean the crystals of the chandelier carefully and easily.

Here are the proper steps for the procedure:

  • Turn off the electricity supply and let the light bulbs cool down.
  • As you have to disassemble the chandelier, then place the blanket under the ladder in case any of the pieces fall. 
  • Take the proper pictures to avoid any inconvenience during reassembling process, or better go for the sketches.
  • Now disassemble the chandelier carefully.
  • Now soak the crystals in hot water, which is not necessary, and then clean it with the apple cider solution.
  • Dry them.
  • Now clean other parts of the chandelier carefully and try to dry them properly.
  • Now reassemble the chandelier and put it back carefully.


If you do not clean your chandelier regularly, then it might become a problem for you as there will be a layer of grease and dust which is not easy to get rid of.

Most of the time, this happens when the chandelier lies in the kitchen boundary. Because of the frequent use of oil during frying and cooking, the chandelier gets covered with extreme grease and dirt that it’s become difficult to clean it at all.

As it looks like a hectic job, so keep it on top of your to-do list. Delaying would worsen the condition of your chandelier

Therefore, clean it as early as possible with any of the above-mentioned methods.


We recommend cleaning the chandelier after disassembling it. A  more convenient way!

Cleansing the Chandelier with Extreme Dirt:

  • First of all, you have to spray the apple cider solution on the crystals thoroughly and let it rest for some time and do not let it dry.
  • Then clean it with the help of the damp cloth and then dry it properly.
  • Now you have to clean the frame. Follow the same procedure.
  • Do not use any harsh material for cleaning the frame as it can leave scratches and marks or even damage the paint of the frame.

 It will require some effort, but the results will be amazing.



If you do not want to clean your chandelier after 4 to 6 months, then you should take proper care of it and clean it with a duster weekly so that there is no accumulation of dust.

  • Do not use ammonium-based cleansers as they can affect the color of the frame or may tarnish it.
  • Never use harsh materials for your chandelier as it is a fancy thing.
  • You must handle your chandelier with delicacy.

If your chandelier is too heavy, then you can call a professional to clean the chandelier.


After reading the article, you might be thinking of cleaning the chandelier as a difficult job. As a thorough clean-up requires each and every crystal to be cleansed-a time investment process.

But when you start off and make it till end you’ll be surprised with the results. The task will become interesting as you’ll see the hard work paying off. If you take the proper care of your chandelier and maintain it regularly, then it shouldn’t be difficult for you!

We wish you a happy cleaning journey!!

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