can any chandelier be swagged
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can any chandelier be swagged
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‘Under the chandelier, we dance alone.’

Peter York once said, “Chandeliers are marvels of drop-dead showiness, the jewellery of architecture.”


The word chandelier is derived from the word Chandelle (French) and Candelabrum (Latin). It became a fashion symbol and was only found in the homes of celebrities and aristocrats. The abbeys and churches were quite fond of chandeliers. 

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Chandeliers were invented to be used as a source of light. Its invention was not for decorative purposes; but instead, it was invented as a necessity. There was no direct source of light in the medieval era, so chandeliers provided a good source. In those times, animal-fat candles were used in the chandeliers instead of bulbs, which were not invented till 1802. 

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Early chandeliers had candles in them that were made from animal fat. It was quite a hassle to light the candles. People found that time-consuming. The 16th century brought the incorporation of crystals in the chandelier, the crystals used to refract light. 

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George Ravencroft introduced leaded glass to the chandeliers. After the invention of gas lights, it became quite easy to light the chandelier. After the invention of light bulbs, chandeliers were only used for decorative purposes.

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Do your complete research by browsing different websites and shops. Never buy something in one glance.

Browse! Do not just settle for brand-name chandeliers; also peruse the local shops. Sometimes gold can be found among heaps of dirt so also look into flea markets. 

What size to choose from?

Larger chandeliers may diminish the look of the room, and smaller ones will not be visible. The formula to calculate the size of the chandelier is as follows:

  • Add the dimension of the room where you want to hang the chandelier and then convert it into inches; this will be the diameter of the room. 

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Tips and Tricks:

The chandelier should be like a part of the room. It should complement the room, not make it gaudy.

  • Choose a chandelier that will look good in the current palette of the room.
  • Decoration pieces should be complementary to the style.
  • Wood chandeliers should have wood decorations around the room. 
  • Traditional chandeliers are good enough, but it is not necessary to buy only crystal chandeliers.
  • You can choose chandeliers of different materials too.
  • Turn the antiques into unique chandeliers.

Antique pieces are eye-catching.

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Correctly hang the chandelier; the chandelier should be above 34 or 36 inches above the table, so the light reaches the table accurately.


Before getting into the queries, let us take a look at the tips regarding the sizes, width, and height of chandeliers:

  • Avoid buying chandeliers that will look gaudy or ugly hanging in your homes. Most chandeliers are hung in a dining room above a table; always take into care the size of the table above which the chandelier will hang.

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  • If your ceiling is approximately 8 feet high, then the chandelier should be 30 to 34 inches above the table.
  • Buy bulbs that do not make you look pale. The excessive heat from a high voltage bulb can also be unbearable. Bulbs should have minimum heat, and the light from the bulbs should be soothing to the eyes.

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  • Chandeliers hanging in the foyers make the house look like a fairytale. Movies always show the chandeliers in the foyers. The chandelier should be six and a half feet above the ground.

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  • The chandeliers in the kitchen ask for a different décor. Cover those chandeliers with some fabric, and you are good to go.

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Most of the chandelier connoisseurs avoid swaging their chandeliers; they are right to worry as swaging is not for the weak-hearted people.

“People change the position of their ceiling light fixture instead of swaging. The main concern of many buyers is that the room will look hideous if they try swaging.”


But it is not like this. Swaging should be done with such cord or wire that it will appear classy rather than gaudy. No need to change your whole light fixture with the help of electricians. 


Swaging is now considered a good initiative to change the look of the house. The only thing to consider while swaging is that one chooses a light fixture or chandelier that can hang from a wire or chain and does not have a stem that is fixed. 


  • Choose an anchor that is sturdy and does not come crashing down, or the chandelier might become a building hazard for the occupants of the house.
  • The height of the chandelier should be such that it does not make it difficult to pass under it. 


  • While a good hook is necessary for a good installation, it does not make a difference till it is not secure.
  • If the hook is loosely attached, and is not secured enough, it is a hazard for everyone in the house.
  • The height and weight of the chandelier should be accurate, or else it might cause problems.
  • Good tools should be used for the installation. 

Toggle Bolts:

  • Usually, the hook is attached to the ceiling joist.
  • But a toggle bolt can be used if the joist is not in your preferred place.
  • Most of the bolt heads are silver in color, but if the color is black, then you can color it in the same color as the ceiling.
  • Even some hooks come with the addition of toggle bolts.

Screw Bolts:

  • While toggle bolts are good for drywalls, screw bolts are good for direct wood.  


While swaging a chandelier, please take into consideration the location of the table, the size of the table, how many chairs will surround it, chairs will be all around the table or on the corner, and the distance of the chandelier from the table.

  • Sometimes it is not easy to relocate the chandelier if it is not above the table. 
  • The reason being that the wire outlet is present in that area.
  • If we were to relocate the wire circuit, we would have to re-patch the whole wiring.

Swaging looks funky now. A boho-chic house with a good chandelier appeals to the eyes.


A swag kit is easily available in the market. It includes:

  1. Swag Mod.
  2. Ceramic Coil.
  3. Spare Glass Tank.
  4. Spare o-rings.
  5. Micro USB cable.

Swag kits are also available on Amazon and Ali express, and other such sites. It is easier to hire an electrician rather than doing it on your own.

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But here is how you can swag the chandelier: 



  • Installing swag to the joist is easy enough; secure the swag hook in the pilot hole and twist it until secure.
  • Installing swag to drywall will need a toggle bolt.
  • That will secure the hook in the ceiling.


  • Look at where the chandelier is attached already.
  • Then remove the canopy net and look for a lamp cord, but if there is no lamp cord, then no worries. 


  • Switch off the power.
  • Take the cord off, and rewire the fixture to the base of the chandelier.
  • Take the cord down by removing the two box screws.
  • Disconnect the power.
  • Next, you have to decide where to insert the swag hook. 


  • Mark the area precisely where you want to fix the chandelier now.
  • Take extra precautions while doing this. Use a toggle bolt for drywall.
  • Then screw the swag hook in the ceiling.
  • Choose the right place right in the middle of the table. 


  • Then measure the length of the wire to the chandelier and the length of wire from the swag hook to the junction box to make a loop.

Then, in the end, attach all of this to the supply cord and voila! You have succeeded in swaging the chandelier. 


can any chandelier be swagged
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Q. Is it OK to swag a chandelier?

Yes, it is OK to swag a chandelier even with a high-end design. In order to swag your chandelier, ensure the presence of cord or chain for easy swaging.

Q. How do I increase the length of my chandelier?

To increase the length of your chandelier, follow these steps: From the hook of your ceiling, remove the chain and wire of the chandelier. Now, place the chain of new length with the hook to hold the chandelier in place. Put the chandelier back to its original position, carefully. You’re done!

Q. Can a chandelier be rewired?

YES, a chandelier can be rewired, especially if it’s a flickering or faulty chandelier. By rewiring, the chandelier will shine for long with better luminosity. If you’re not an expert at rewiring better call an electrician.


The answer to your query “Can any chandelier be swaged” is a big YES!!! You can swag your chandelier but there are factors that need a pre-look while you perform your task. We hope, by going through the article you get to know each and every thing you should be aware of while swaging a chandelier.

Do let us know in the comment section down below regarding the swaging of your chandelier. We’d love to hear back from you!

Good Luck!!

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