can a chandelier be too heavy for ceiling
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can a chandelier be too heavy for ceiling
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Know the exact weightings regarding your chandelier query of being too heavy for ceilings.

I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier

I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist

Like it doesn’t exist

I’m gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry

I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier

Chandeliers are having great importance in poetry, architecture, designing and history. That’s why people love to install them in their rooms to death. 

But when they install chandeliers they are confused that chandeliers are too heavy for their ceilings. In this blog, I am going to clear all your queries related to the chandeliers.

After reading this blog, hopefully your rooms sparkle like a diamond!!

Before answering your question, I want to share details about the weight of chandeliers.   

How to determine the weight of your room chandelier?

    • A simple way to determine a chandelier size is to add the dimensions of the room together in feet and then convert the answer to inches.
    • The answer in inches should equal the diameter of the fixture. 
can a chandelier be too heavy for ceiling
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Average Weight of Chandeliers:

Most chandeliers are heavier than other light fixtures, and chandeliers with crystals can be particularly heavy.

  • If the chandelier you want weighs more than 15 pounds, you’ll need to install a junction box for it.


The height of the chandelier can affect how it functions as a lighting fixture and as a decorative feature of the room.

can a chandelier be too heavy for ceiling
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“The standard recommendation for hanging chandeliers is that the bottom of the fixture should hang between 30 and 36 inches over a table with an eight-foot ceiling. If you have high ceilings, mount the chandelier 3 inches higher for each additional foot of ceiling height over 8 feet.”

You may also adjust the height of the chandelier based on your room size, table size, and your preferred amount of light illuminating the room.

Beside from making sure that it looks good in your room, an important function of a chandelier is to light up the room. The way in which light is projected depends on the fixture design, the light bulbs, and the height of the chandelier.

can a chandelier be too heavy for ceiling
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  • There is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to finding the perfect chandelier height. The important thing is that you should like how it looks in the room and that the lighting should work well.

Installing a Chandelier on a 20 foot Ceiling:

The procedure to hang a chandelier on a high ceiling is the same as a traditional 8 foot ceiling with the exception of the added height which creates an element of danger and difficulty.

  • If the ceiling is two stories high such as the vaulted ceiling in an entrance, we recommend renting a scaffold to manage this project.
  • One person on a very tall ladder trying to lift a heavy chandelier, support it and manage the wiring is a recipe for disaster.

One of the key elements you need to consider is the height of the chandelier.

  • Although you may have a very high ceiling, the chandelier should be dropped to a height that will allow it to be seen and to deliver the appropriate amount of light.
  • Careful planning is needed not only to determine the height but also to develop an installation plan.

This would be one of those instances where it may make sense to hire a professional.


Tools Needed to Install a Heavy Chandelier:

The tools that you need for installing a chandelier may vary depending on the type of chandelier you are using.

can a chandelier be too heavy for ceiling
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You may also need other equipment not mentioned below, and it’s important to have someone to assist you while removing and installing a chandelier to make the task a lot easier.

In general, the following tools are necessary for a standard chandelier installation:

  •  Stepladder
  •  Screwdrivers
  •   Wire strippers
  •   Needle-nosed pliers
  •   Non-contact voltage tester
  •   Wire nuts
  •   Tape Measure
  •   Power drill
  •   Electrical tape or heat shrink tubing

can a chandelier be too heavy for ceiling
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Typically, new chandeliers come with their own instruction manuals.

  • It’s best to carefully follow the specific instructions on how a particular chandelier should be installed.
  • It is also important to note that installing a chandelier requires general knowledge of the electrical systems.
  • There is a risk of electric shock associated with this task, so it’s best to contact a qualified professional if you are not sure or feel uncomfortable.


There are some extremely large and heavy chandeliers which likely cannot be supported by a traditional electrical box in the ceiling.

The weight of a heavy chandelier could potentially rip the fixture from the ceiling causing damage to the drywall, the chandelier and potentially to objects below.

  • We recommend installing one of these Arlington mounting brackets in the ceiling to support the electrical box and weight of the chandelier.
  • These brackets can be installed easily through the existing electrical box hole.
  • The bracket rod spins and expands outward until it meets and f fastens itself to the ceiling joists.

Hands tighten and then use pliers to continue tightening until the bracket is completely secure.


When wiring for a chandelier, you would follow the same process as any other light fixture.

Elements Required:

  • You will have your load (black), neutral (white) and ground wires to connect. There are fixtures which have wires that do not follow the same black and white color scheme.


  • Please take time to read the wiring instructions for your fixture and remember to cut the power before beginning your installation.
  • You will likely have a light switch tied into your chandelier.
  • In that instance, you will connect the load (black) wires to your chandelier and bypass the neutral wire capping them off together inside of the electrical box.

can a chandelier be too heavy for ceiling
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How does junction box help in installing heavy Chandeliers?

  • All ceiling boxes are required to support at least 50 pounds (NEC 314.27(A)), so you can assume the box will be able to support a simple light fixture.
  • Boxes that are designed to support ceiling fans must be labeled as such, and must have a label listing the weight it can support if over 35 pounds (NEC 314.27(D))


You may have a situation where you need to install a chandelier and there is no electrical box in the ceiling.

Reasons Behind:

This could happen when the original light fixture was not wired to code and did not have an electrical box.

It also could be that you are trying to install a simple plug in chandelier without bringing new power to the fixture behind the wall.

What to do:

  • When you are installing a chandelier without an electrical box, you will need to find a rafter or ceiling joist to support the weight of the light fixture.
  • Screw an old work pancake box to rafter, and then install your chandelier to the pancake box.

can a chandelier be too heavy for ceiling
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In short, if you want to hang heavy chandeliers keep these points in your mind.

  1. Remove the old fixture and inspect the wiring.
  2. Make sure the power is off.
  3. Check the electrical box for capacity and strength.
  4. Test for a ground wire.
  5. Turn the power on and test for hot.
  6. Test for ground.
  7. Add a ground wire to a metal box.
  8. Reduce overhead work by pre assembling parts on the ground.
  9. Reconnect the same wires.
  10. Screw the crossbar to the box.
  11. Connect the wires.
  12. Close the box.

Congratulations! Now you are ready to glitter your room. Expectantly, you will be able to hang your heavy chandelier easily. 


Q. How much weight can a ceiling fixture hold?

50 pounds is the average weight a ceiling fixture can hold. The weight indicates that ceiling fixture should be of normal size, and must be a simple one.

Q. How much weight can hang from ceiling stud?

A weight of 9 pounds per square foot can hang from the ceiling stud. If the element is less than 9 lbs then you can easily hang one element on the joist a foot apart.

Q. Can you hang a chandelier from an 8 foot ceiling?

Yes, you can hang a chandelier from an 8 foot ceiling. The general rule of hanging a chandelier from ceiling is “A chandelier accommodates 2.5-3inches height with respect to each foot of ceiling height.” But for 8 foot ceiling, a chandelier with 20-24 inches in height is required.


We hope our response to your query “Can a chandelier be too heavy for ceiling”   was quiet enough to satisfy you. Let us know in the comment section down below the weight story behind your chandelier and ceiling weight. We would love to hear back from you guys!

See you next- Till then- Be Safe and lit the WORLD!

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