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Best Tadpoles Chandelier You’ll Love in 2021

People are often looking for a beautiful yet efficient way of lighting up their living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. What better way for one to be able to do so other than through a tadpoles chandelier.

A tadpoles chandelier has an intricate and classy design that makes it highly attractive and aesthetic. Moreover, tadpoles is not a new name in the chandelier industry. The manufacturer has been in the market for years and is renowned for chandeliers that are great in terms of quality and yet feature yet excellent designs that it is hard to take eyes off of them.

If you want to add a chandelier to your living room, dining room, bedroom, or bathroom that will become a statement piece of the entire area, choosing a tadpole chandelier is highly recommended.

To make things easier for you, here are the top four tadpole chandeliers that are our personal favorites:

Best Tadpole Chandeliers:

1. Tadpoles 4-Bulb Vintage Mini Chandelier:

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Vintage Design:

If you are a fan of the vintage style aesthetics, this chandelier will unquestionably not fail to impress. The chandelier features an intricate vintage style that comprises a metallic frame surrounded by crystals all around.

The bulbs are shaped like candles and stand on the frame just like candles would in vintage chandeliers. It is a small-sized chandelier, so it can be added to any space with ease since it will not take up too much area.

Material and Durability:

The manufacturer has made sure that the customers get the best quality chandelier possible. From the metallic frame to the crystals that hang around, each and every component of the chandelier is of the best quality.

The parts are subjected to thorough testing to ensure that the customers are provided with nothing but the absolutes best.

Two In One Chandelier:

One of the best features of this tadpoles chandelier is the fact that it can be hardwired as a chandelier and can also be used as a plug-in swag lamp. The overall installation of the chandelier is also quite simple.

The hanging cord of the chandelier has an adjustable length, so the customers can alter the height of the chandelier based on the available space and their preference. A satin cord cover is also provided with the chandelier so the hanging cord can be covered for protection. The satin material also adds to the aesthetics of the overall fixture.

Bulb Compatibility:

You can use this tadpoles chandelier with a wide range of bulbs. It is compatible with E12 LED bulbs, E12 Halogen Bulbs, E12 Dimmable bulbs as well as an E12 Energy saver.

Any bulb that can fit into the E12 bulb holder can be easily used with the chandelier giving customers the freedom to change the light and style of bulbs as per their liking and needs.

  • It can be used as a hardwired chandelier or plug-in lamp.
  • The satin cover protects the chandelier cord.
  • The hanging cord has an adjustable length.
  • Aesthetic and high-quality chandelier.
  • Bulbs are not included in the package.

2.Tadpoles One Bulb Shaded Chandelier, Pink:

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Pink Chandelier:

If you are someone who is a fan of colors and mostly pink color, the tadpoles One Bulb Shaded Chandelier will be the perfect match for you. The chandelier has a metallic frame that is surrounded by crystals that have a beautiful color of pink.

The pink color is not overpowering, preferably a subtle shade that looks great and adds a lovely hue of pink to space. The pink shade makes the chandelier a great accessory for a girl’s room.

Multiple Bulb Options:

This tadpoles chandelier comes in three different bulb variations. You can choose a one, three, or five bulb variation according to your preference and space available. If you have a small space to light up, you can opt for the one bulb chandelier.

But if you need a chandelier for your living room or dining room, you can either buy the three or the five bulb variation.

Glass and Acrylic Construction:

Other than the pink color, the material of construction of the chandelier is also a noticeable feature of this product. The crystals hanging around the chandelier frame are a mix of acrylic and glass crystals.

This not only creates variation in the style but reduces the weight of the chandelier as well. The mix of acrylic makes the chandelier lighter and thus allows users to hang it without worrying about the weight of the chandelier too much.

Hardwire Chandelier:

It is a hardwired chandelier that comes with all the wires and the components pre-installed and assembled. The users simply have to take the chandelier out of the box and use the hanging cord to hang it from the ceiling.

The height of the chandelier can also be adjusted since the hanging cord comes with an adjustable length that can be changed according to the height of the room’s ceiling.

  • UL Listed chandelier.
  • It can be used as a swamp lamp as well as a hardwired chandelier.
  • A subtle shade of pink gives it a nice hue.
  • Available in three different bulb variations.
  • The instructions provided are unclear and confusing.

3. Tadpoles Faux Crystal Triple Layer Dangling Shade, Chandelier Style:

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Affordable yet Attractive:

Many people are huge fans of crystals. However, a chandelier embellished entirely with real crystals will cost a huge sum of money. This tadpoles chandelier is an affordable version. You can get this faux crystal chandelier that actually has faux crystals, but it looks like a chandelier made out of real crystals.

You can add the real crystal aesthetic look to your living room, dining room, bathroom, or bedroom for a fraction of a price thanks to the Tadpoles Faux Crystal Triple Layer Dangling Shade.

Transform Any Lighting Pendant:

If you have an old and boring chandelier or a lighting fixture and you are looking for a way to transform it, you can buy the tadpoles Faux Crystals Triple Layer Dangling Shade.

The shade has a metallic frame, and all you need to do is to hang it above your chandelier. The crystals will hang around the lighting fixture. It is surely an amazing and creative way of transforming any old fixture into a brand new one.

Easy Installation and Maintenance:

The installation and maintenance of this lighting fixture are extremely simple and convenient. The glass and acrylic crystals can be wiped away with a wet cloth to get rid of the dust on their surface.

The crystals are already installed on the chandelier, so you do not have to go through the hassle of fixing them in place. You can thus easily add a glamorous feature to any of your rooms.

Multiple Usage Options:

Let your creativity go loose! There are so many different ways in which you can style and utilize this hanging chandelier shade. You can change the lights of the chandelier above which you hang it to add different colors to the room.

At the same time, if you do not have a chandelier, you can simply hang it over a plain light to transform that into a chandelier. Some people also hang this shade over their fans to make them look royal and elegant.

  • Attractive faux crystals.
  • Easy to install, clean, and maintain.
  • It can be used in a number of different ways.
  • It is only a chandelier shade; bulbs or bulb bases are not part of the product.

Buying Guide:

There are so many different manufacturers and brands that make chandeliers. However, when you are spending money on a chandelier, it is important that you choose a brand that can deliver nothing but the best for you. Amongst the most renowned chandelier manufacturers in the market, tadpole chandeliers are the ones which are known for their attractive yet high-quality chandeliers.

Even when you are buying tadpoles chandeliers, there are some factors and points that you have to be vigilant and careful about. Here are some things that you should be considering when choosing tadpoles chandeliers so that you can pick the best chandelier for your living room, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom.

Design Of The Chandelier:

Chandeliers come in a wide variety and range of designs and styles. Tadpole chandeliers also have plenty of design variations to choose from. Pick a chandelier design that goes with the overall ambiance and theme of your living room, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom. Tadpoles offer both plain as well as colored chandeliers. From vintage-style chandeliers to the ones with a more modern aesthetic, you can pick a style and design variations that are as per your preference and liking.

UL Listed Chandeliers:

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a renowned, acclaimed, and trustworthy lighting fixture testing laboratory. The chandeliers that are UL listed are trustworthy.

You can buy these chandeliers with ease since there is a hundred percent certainty that the chandelier is safe. These chandeliers are strong, and you can buy such chandeliers without worrying about them falling down from the ceiling, or you have to deal with any short wiring or electric current.


Make sure that you pick a chandelier that is easy to install and maintain. This is another great aspect of the tadpoles chandeliers. These chandeliers come pre-assembled, so the customers do not have to go through the struggle of assembling the different parts of the chandelier.

The crystals and other embellishments are pre-installed on the chandelier frame, so all the customers have to do is to install the chandelier.

The installation is also quite simple. If you want, you can also opt to use the chandelier as a swag lamp. In this case, the installation will not be needed at all. You can simply plug in the switch, and the chandelier will light up like a beautiful lamp.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Chandeliers should be easy to clean and maintain. The best tadpoles chandeliers are the ones which can be cleaned by wiping them with a cloth only.

The majority of the tadpole chandeliers have acrylic and glass crystals hanging around their metallic frame. The metallic frame needs to be dusted, while the dangling crystals can be cleaned by wiping them using a damp cloth. 


If you want to add an attractive and aesthetic chandelier to your living room, dining room, bathroom, or your bedroom, you should surely be considering the tadpoles chandeliers. Tadpoles chandeliers are known for their aesthetics, designs, and performance.

The tadpoles chandeliers are high-quality chandeliers that are easy to install, simple to maintain, and yet so attractive that they become the center of attention for any room within no time. From larger chandeliers to small-sized ones, you will be able to find a huge range of products to choose from.

Whether you need a chandelier for your living room, dining room, bedroom or bathroom, you will find the perfect match thanks to the tadpoles chandeliers.

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