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Best Chandelier Light Covers You’ll Love

Chandelier light covers are the most important part of your home décor. Most people find it difficult to decide what type of light covers they should choose as they play an important role in deciding your room’s overall look.

  • First, you have to decide what type of design of chandelier light covers will look good on your chandelier.
  • Then the most important part comes that you have to decide is the color of the shades. They should be compatible with the chandelier and the room’s paint.

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Deciding the right chandelier can take some effort as you have to check everything before buying them. Further, in this article, you will get to know a lot about chandelier light covers and various tips that’ll help you select the perfect chandelier for your room. 

So, let’s get started!

Lampshades are important, but there is confusion about whether to put a shade on the chandelier light or not.

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When not required:

“You can decide by the location of the chandelier. If the chandelier is in a place where the ceiling is high and you do not have to direct the light to one place, you do not need light covers.”

 What if you want to put a light cover on a chandelier where you want to direct the light in one place? Then it is a perfect idea!!

  • The other reason for putting a light cover on a chandelier is to protect your eyes from bare light bulbs.

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When required:

“Many people feel uncomfortable when looking at bare light bulbs. If you have a chandelier in your room, you must have to put light covers on it because you will frequently look at it.”


Now you have decided to buy a light cover for your chandelier and when you go for buying they ask that the size of the covers you want to buy. And here, the problems occur as you do not know how to measure the light covers’ size.

But we have solved your problems, and the step by step procedure is given:

  • First of all, you have to measure the length of the light.
  • Now measure the bottom of the light.
  • The lampshade’s length depends on you as if you want to cover the light fully or you want to cover it half.
  • The bottom’s diameter matters the most as the size of the cover should be twice the size of the bottom. For example, if the diameter of the bottom is two then the diameter of the cover should be 4.


Now you have decided the size of the light cover, the next thing you have to decide is what type of fitting you need for your chandelier lights.

Here are three main types of fittings:

  • Spider Fitting is the most common type of fitting for lights. In this harp is used, which is attached to the bottom of the light, and the cover is fixed on it.
  • Uno Fittings is used for small lights, and in this, no harp is used, and the cover with wire is directly attached to the light.
  • Clip-On fittings are preferred for low wattage bulbs, and it is also directly attached to the light bulb.


For chandeliers, clip-on fittings are recommended as they have a low wattage bulb, and the size of the bulb is small. And this fitting is without any harp and directly attaches to the bulb.

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There are different shapes of light covers, and it is up to you that which shape you decide or which shape looks good.

  • Bell-shaped shades are the most common, and they are used as the spread light widely.

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  • Drum-shaped shades are used when we want to focus the light on a specific area like the table. They offer a defined look.

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  • Oval-shaped shades are mostly used on more than one light chandelier, and these are preferred to use in the room.

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The first you have to know while deciding the color of your light covers is where is the location of your chandelier.

Chandelier light cover colors based on area/site:

  • If it is for a dining room, then you can decide the color based on the color of the chandelier.
  • On the other hand, if you are choosing the light cover color for your room, then it is very important to match it with the color of the room, furniture, and other decoration.
  • Or you can also follow a theme color for the room’s light covers.

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Light cover color-compatibility:

Another important thing is that you have to decide the color of the light cover according to the base. What if you buy the light cover of your choice, with the perfect color and an amazing design, and after coming home you came to know that it is not compatible with the base.

  • You should choose the right color, which is perfectly compatible with the base color.

Amount of light and color required:

Another important factor is that you have to decide how much light do you need as light covers can have much impact on the amount of light.

“If you want to have your room illuminated, then you can go for light colors like white, cream, skin, and blue colors.”

If you want to have dim light in your room, then you should go for dark colors like black, brown, and dark blue.

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Purpose and color compatibility:

The last and the most important thing is what is the purpose of the chandelier in your room. If the chandelier is for decorative purposes, then you must choose the colors that go with the theme of your room.

  • Light colors can make your room bright and cheery, while dark colors can give your room a soft look.

If you have a chandelier in your room purely for light, then you must choose light colors that can make your room bright.

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If you get bored with the same color of your light shades, then you can change them without buying the new covers.


  • You can paint your light covers if they are made of plastic or any other artificial material.
  • If your shades are made of any fabric, then you can easily dye them according to your choice.

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The problem you might have to face is that if you have to paint a dark cover with a light color, then it can be problematic. In such a case, you should buy a new light cover for your chandelier.


Here are some types of light covers that you must decide on:

  • The most common type is the cover which covers the light completely. Now it is up to you to decide the designs of it. Like it can be of velvet, silk, glass, plastic, and other fancy fabrics.
  •  Suppose you cannot decide whether you should buy a light cover or not. The other option you can choose the cover which does not completely cover chandelier lights. It will give a completely different look to your chandelier.
  • The last option does not fulfill the purpose of light covers as they do not cover the light bulbs at all. But it can change the look of your chandelier.


Light covers for chandeliers can be difficult to decide, but it is worth the effort. Most people think that chandelier light covers are old-fashioned, but their necessity and unique designs can enhance the look of the chandelier.

If you want to change the overall look of your room, then chandelier light covers can play an important role as they will give a completely different look to your room.

After reading the whole article, we are sure that you can easily find the perfect chandelier light covers for your room.

Happy color lighting- Cheers!

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