bedroom pendant lighting
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What Kind Of Lighting Is Best For Bedrooms?

bedroom pendant lighting
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When you’re designing or renovating any space, one thing that distinguishes it from other places is how you choose to light the area. Lighting has a significant effect on the overall theme and ambience of any site, especially if the room happens to be the bedroom, how you decide to light it up matters a lot.

Bedrooms are not just used for sleeping anymore. They are used to read, complete office errands and having cozy, beautiful family time. A beautifully lighted bedroom is the comfort you can afford to access very easily!

Choosing the best lights for the bedroom can be a pretty daunting process, and if you go without any prior information, it can be a disaster!

Now, worried;

 That what kind of lighting is best for a bedroom? Here, we’ve assembled an article for you to answer the most relevant queries related to bedroom lighting ideas. Our bedroom pendant lighting tips and tricks might help you beautify your space with a classy-trendy look that’s more than perfect!

Wait no more, let’s get straight into it!

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These sorts of lights are best used if there’s any special activity going on in a specific area, e.g. reading, applying make-up, or crafting anything. The task lights can be in many forms like sconces, pendant lights or wall-mounted lights.

If you’re looking for the best bedroom light fixture ideas, then look no more and fall for task light!

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There are many beautiful fixtures for wall sconces available in the market, and you can find the best wall sconces for a bedroom that are affordable and trendy.

Adding wall sconces on either side of the bed not only gives a gorgeous look to your bedroom but is also perfect for your nighttime reading!

The benefit of having wall sconces is that the space on your side table is finally empty because, with sconces present, there is lesser or no need of side-table lamp. These kinds of fixtures are easy to fit anywhere and are available in a huge variety to choose from!

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Specifically used for reading purposes, these kinds of bedroom lighting fixtures may prove to be ideal for couples where one partner chooses to sleep early while the other is a night owl and prefers reading in silence.

Adjust the height and amount of light according to your needs, and voila, you can read, and your partner can sleep peacefully! It’s the care you share by having portable lamps by your side!

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They might sound grand for bedrooms, but the truth is chandeliers add gorgeousness to any space. The bedroom lighting designs that have perfectly sized chandeliers hanging are the ones that always grab attention. Just make sure it is of the right shape and size for your bedroom and then watch the magic happen!

Chandeliers can be hung in two places around the bedroom: either in the centre of the room or over the bed. Choose the diameter of your chandelier wisely so that it perfectly fits in the centre. If you choose to place it over the bed, choose the size according to the size of your bed. The perfectly sized chandelier will definitely add an unforgettable beauty to the room.

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The bedroom is a place to be comfortable and cozy. Hanging rope lighting behind your headboard will give a comfy, warm feel to your bedroom. Rope lighting set the romantic and comfy ambience in the bedroom.

This rope lighting fixture works both for low and high ceiling rooms. So, if you are looking for small bedroom lighting ideas, this rope lighting will work best for you!

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Table lamps can be placed in many places in the bedroom. They play a considerable role in bedroom lights décor. They can be placed on the make-up area for a perfect makeover or on the Chester to help search for anything in the drawers.

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Bedroom ceiling lights are a beautiful addition to the ambience and mood setting. Some Ceiling lights don’t come alone; they’re mostly paired with the fan. The ceiling fan has a built-in light in the middle of it. Try searching for the one that comes with the remote, so that you are able to control lights and fan from under your sheets.

The ceiling lights for the bedroom may be the flush ceiling lights, or they can be recessed ceiling lights. Choose the ones that go best with the rest of your bedroom.

The guide to “the kinds of lights and bulbs suitable for bedroom lighting” comes to an end. The bulbs in the designs and fixtures matter and give your place a texture and environment. To know the kinds of bulbs and choose between them wisely!

Now, let’s further discuss about a few technicalities that matter!

What kind of lighting is best for bedrooms?

Now, we will be no more discussing the fixture or design point of view; instead, the sort of bulb you should be having.

  • Soft white Bulb light: This is usually warm and yellow. It generates a cozy, warm, and friendly environment. It is generally suitable for bedrooms.
  • Bright white bulb light: It is between white and blue tones. It gives off an energetic ambience.
  • Warm white bulb light: Warm light bulb is towards yellowish-white tones and flexible to use.
  • Daylight bulb light: It is towards bluish tones, and it maximizes color contrast. It is best used for specific task areas such as reading or applying make-up.

When you decide to purchase bulbs for your bedroom, bear these pointers in mind. Remember!

 The area, your preference, and the purpose of it, and buy the best light bulbs for bedroom that perfectly matches your room tone!


Can you put a pendant light in a bedroom?

There are a few questions that arise when you use a certain kind of light in a particular area, like: can you use rope lighting in your living room or can you put a pendant light in your bedroom? We’ll let you know with a detailed answer.

Pendant Light in Task Zone:

Pendant lights in a bedroom carry a classic look. In the bedroom, they may be used on the sides of the bed where you read, or on the area where you can relax on the couch, and talk to your friends. Pendant lights are usually for the purpose to put focus over a certain thing.

Pendant Light and Your Ceiling Height:

It is best used if your ceiling is over 8 feet high. While purchasing pendant light, bear in mind this pointer:

“To know, how low a pendant light can be hung, simply calculate the ceiling height and the height of pendant, so to avoid any mishap”

This will also let you know precisely how much light would be shed on the specified area.

Pendant Light and Low Ceiling:

Bedroom light fixtures for low ceiling support different kinds of lights, but there might be lesser options for pendant lights as the ceiling is already low.



Whether you’re building your bedroom from scratch, renovating the whole look of a bedroom or just changing the lighting options, bedroom lighting designs modernize the entire look.

However, you choose to light your bedroom by keeping two essentials in mind first:

  • Your choices
  • Your budgets

There are many bedroom light fixtures and designs available in affordable ranges. The choices you make shall include the general color and tones of your bedroom; your preferences of the kind of design you want and the areas that you want to focus the light in your bedroom.

With all the information we provided you, this process has become much easier for you and we turned the daunting task into a fun one. Enjoy choosing the pretty designs or the best light bulbs for the bedroom!

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