Are Chandelier Shades Out Of Style
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Are Chandelier Shades Out Of Style Or A New Style

Do you want to give your house a royal or even a modern look? Well, who doesn’t? So, the first thing that comes to your mind would be to add up a chandelier to your living room. 

You might have seen in different movies where a huge chandelier is hanged to the roof in luxurious mansions, so why not add up some style to your house.

Deciding to bring a chandelier to your living is not a tough decision, but finding the perfect one is the real deal. 

Chandeliers are available in different styles some are with shades some aren’t, and now you might be thinking that,

Are Chandelier shades out of style – 2021?

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No, They are not.Well, this question would certainly require a detailed answer which would help you out with your decision to choose the perfect chandelier for your house. 

  • First of all, you should know that you are not alone in this world to get confused to find out if chandelier shades are in style or not. 
  • Now, most of you might have an image in your mind when you think about a chandelier with shades on it, about a very old and traditional house where no one else lives except your grandmother, or some old and dusty library hall.

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Well, you should know that there is no such thing about shades being the fashion of the past because there are thousands of modern chandeliers with shades available in the market and over online stores. 

You should remember that old traditions are still a part of the modern fashion industry, and it is widely appreciated as well.

In other words, it all depends on the design of your house, and how much light do you need in that specific area. 


  1. If your chandelier does not match the surrounding then you can simply add shades of similar style, and you will be good to go. 
  2. The world is widely using Chandeliers without shades, because they have a wider light throw, and are available in different designs. 
  3. Well, this concept is wrong, because there are different parts of the world, especially Europe where shade chandeliers are still being used and liked as well. 
  4. There is a whole range of English Chandeliers that are simply specified to the shaded ones.


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Shaded Chandeliers are not just traditional in looks, but they are also a symbol of elegance and a cozy environment. Just imagine yourself sitting in your living room in front of the fireplace, and the shaded chandelier is above your head giving just mild lightning. 

Just the thought of having such an environment is comfortable. It does not matter whether the climate is warm or extremely cold; these shades on your chandeliers are a sign of elegance.


are chandelier shades out of style
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Till now if you have started thinking about how to update a chandelier with shades when you have already purchased an open one? Well, this is not an issue because setting up shades is a simple task, and does not take much of your time. 

As for the traditional style chandeliers, drum shades are suitable for them; this type of shades easily fits on them without making any amendments.

Similarly, if you want to find out how to attach a drum shade to an existing chandelier then it is really simple. Just follow the simple process below if you have a spider chandelier and you will be good to go,

  • First of all, remove the top cover which is covering the electrical wiring
  • Unscrew the top rod, so that shade could be placed on the short rod
  • Now place the drum shade over the chandelier
  • Screw the top rod once again
  • Finally fix the top cover, and it is done.


  • Suppose if you need a chandelier just like Progress Lighting P400193 or Kenroy Home Lucille 5 then following the above method would get you a similar one. 
  • If you want to add shades to the chandelier then you should understand that not every shade would completely go with any type of chandelier. 
  • You need to understand the design of both of these components, and that they would set perfectly and match designs as well.
  • You should understand that shades are not just the frames with fiber, but it is obvious that with trends keep on changing and shades still in style, there is also change in design as well. 
  • In the past shades were only made of an iron frame with fiber attached to it. 
  • Now there are glass shades, steel frame ones, and porcelain as well. This means for updating chandelier shades you have so many different options now.


If you already have a shaded chandelier and needs to update it then obviously you have to remove shades from the chandelier before you can find a suitable one for it. 

With so many options available online like YISUN Lamp Shades, Waneway Acrylic Shade, Upgradelights Wicker Shade, and some shades with designs like YISUN Crystal Shades etc. it is a tough choice to find out which one you should choose.

Each one of these shades is no less than each other, and probably you would like to try each one of them as well due to their attractiveness. Well, the following trend or getting something you like is another thing, but finding the exact match shade for your chandelier is no doubt a confusing decision. 

So, first of all, you need to check which shade would be a match for your chandelier according to size and design and where it is installed.


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The design for shade and chandelier installed in the kitchen would be a lot different than the one installed in your living room. 

So, it is obvious that you should choose the design keeping different factors in mind. Once you have finalized the shades then the next task is to finalize the best bulb for the chandelier without shades, and with shades as well. 

The reason behind this is that there are few shades like glass ones which require bulbs suitable for the chandelier without shades as well.

  • If you are using the latest shades where the bulb is completely exposed then obviously you are going to need a stylish one with it. 
  • First of all, there are candle ones that look amazing despite their small size. They look fascinating with a mild glowing filament inside them. This type of bulbs is extremely fascinating when installed with glass shades. 
  • Then there are flame-shaped bulbs that have a pointed cone at the end. This name is not because of their shape, but because of their flickering light coming out of it.


These bulbs look amazing and go with almost every other type of shades including fiber and glass. The next ones are round, and they are known as globe bulbs. These are smaller in size as well, but somewhat bigger than usual chandelier bulbs. 

These bulbs are known for their bright lights and are best for fiber shades because then they would point their light focus just on a specific area making it even attractive to look at.


Are shades on chandeliers outdated?

Shades on chandelier are still in use in today’s modern chandelier industry. There’s a misconception about the combination chandelier and shade. People usually associate them with outdated vintage piece, but better ask a fashion geek.

Should I put shades on my chandelier?

You can put shades on your chandelier as they uplift chandelier’s illumination capacity beside their common purpose i.e. adding a color, texture, and theme to a chandelier; therefore, its better- if it’s required- to put shades on a chandelier.

Should all lamp shades in a room match?

All lamp shades in a room should match if you want your interior to be cohesive design. But if it’s not identical lamp shades is not a must. In fact there should be different styles of lamps in a room. Be it a color, shape or material.

Why are lamp shades so expensive?

The prime reason behind a lamp shade being so expensive is the import cost. What more is their fragility that requires a lot of cardboards to protect them during shipment. As, more area is required to keep, and ship them, therefore more is the cost. These factors altogether make a lamp shade super expensive.

What type of lampshade gives the most light?

The lighter lamp shades give out most of the light. But the best one is the white shade; whereas, the darker lampshades are good at funneling the light, giving a dramatic statement to the entire space.


Although there is so much more to discuss as well, because when it comes to style and trends then products are never going to end, and trends will never die out anytime sooner. Although they change from time to time, at some point with little amendments they return as well. 

The same is the case with Shades as well, that they were widely being used in the past, with no such concept about open chandeliers. 

Then things changed and open chandeliers came into the market but right then shaded chandeliers also made a debut in the market with few updates.

“So, it is obvious that Shades are still in style for new chandeliers, and this style will never fade out anytime sooner.”

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