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Are Chandelier Expensive? Your Saving Guide

Chandeliers  from very beginning have been a sign of accomplishment and status and are one of the most delicate, sophisticated and dazzling pieces an individual can use for embellishing their space.

But chandeliers also requires an exceptional amount of effort, time, precision and proficiency to construct and assemble them and that’s the reason why they can be as expensive as hell.

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Are chandeliers expensive?

They can range from as low as $25 to as pricey as $500 and above on sites like Amazon depending upon which type, size and shape of chandelier you want.

Not only the type, size and shape are the factors for a chandelier to be expensive but the type and size of the crystals used also plays an important role in them being pricey. 

Most people believe your liking in chandeliers describes your personality for instance if you like a fixture with straight lines and a single light bulb makes a strong minimalist statement.

Chandeliers and other decorative lightning fixtures, on the other hand, make striking centerpieces and convey a taste for elegance.

1. Crystals (Pendalogues):

For construction of chandeliers the type of material and crystals the designer uses plays an important role. It does not only depict the creator’s vision about the piece but also has a huge role in enhancing the chandelier’s beauty. The Crystal’s cost varies depending on the worth, the quality and quantity (how much it is used). There is a large variety of crystals you can use for instance K9 Crystal, Swarovski crystal, Handcut crystal(known as Turkish crystal).

2. Design/Pattern:

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The particular element which makes the chandelier unique and breathtaking  is it’s distinct design and intricate pattern. It takes a lot of concentration, time and hard work to complete but once it’s done you cannot take your eyes off the chandelier and that is the sign of a successful designer.

3. Size:

The size of your space determines the size of the chandelier that you should buy and the larger the size of the chandelier the huge amount you would have to pay and the reason for it is that the larger the size the greater amount of Effort, Crystal and Time would be spend in order to prepare and deliver the chandelier


This chandelier no doubt looks ridiculously expensive but in fact is less than €150.

The Crystal used is K9 and these give the chandelier a modern and elegant look and the size is smaller which makes it look more nice, the color as well makes chandelier look decent and expensive.

  • Why is it not pricey because using K9 crystal helps you in lowering the price! Secondly, the size is small!

This is also a great piece which only looks expensive but is cheap in reality the use of crystals and the color theme really makes it dazzling. In it K9 Crystals are used.

 Light is reflected from every angle and it makes the chandelier look stunning. This one is medium sized.

This is one of my favorites and this chandelier is as well one of cheapest but expensive looking pieces.

The color/theme used matches the design well, the shape of it gives a modern, decent and elegant look and the detailing is as well great.



Baccarat is the most expensive chandelier brand which was founded in late 1764. They possess excellence, passion, craftsmanship and modernity which can be clearly seen in their pieces.


2nd most expensive, Born in Sfax, self-taught British designer Tom Dixon is one of the most well known designers. His creations are always out of the box but his Melt, Etch, Copper, and Beat ranges are instantly recognizable.


Daring design aesthetic, high impact events, lavish presentations, notoriously risqué ad campaigns and inspiring editorial, have an uncanny way of conveying KOKET’S mission to inspire love and empower through its statement pieces and unique design driven experiences and content



Hudson furniture was founded in 2004, always inspired by art, design and architecture of the art deco era, Baylar has delved into studies of modern classics to inform his unique design sensibilities.


Established 11-11-11, the Christopher Boots studio was founded on material and metaphysical exploration of quartz crystal. They design, prototype and build in our Melbourne studios, honoring traditional elements of form, proportion and scale, marrying and cutting edge materials with various techniques, creating future antiques designed for transforming architecture.


1. Givenchy Royal Hanover German Silver Eight Light:

 The most expensive chandelier to exist on earth is Givenchy Royal Hanover German silver eight-light chandelier by William Kent.

This particular chandelier was sold at an auction for more than $9 million at Christie’s London’s July 7, 2011, sale. The piece designed in 1736 and let me tell you it was indeed a great piece.

2. From the Collection of Baron De Rede’s Hotel Lambert Residence

Baron de Rede was a famous pompadour in French society that filled his home with art and luxury antiques.

The chandelier, from circa 1745-1749, was estimated between $1.3 million – $2.7 million and sold to private hands.

3. Napoleon’s Imperial Chandelier

Hailing from circa 1812, this lighting fixture sold for over 1 million dollars at Sotheby’s benefit auction for the Virginio Bruni Tedeschi Foundation in 2007.

This is a very unique design it is more horizontal than circular. The chandelier consists of three levels.

Chandeliers are really expensive but can give a whole new look to a space. So choose wisely.


There are many factors which can help you get cheap but marvelous chandeliers you just have to search for them on the proper site and think differently, being bigger in size is not everything.

Chandelier may look fancy but it also needs maintenance and stuff. So, while looking for a chandelier  some important points you should keep in mind:

  • Use Amazon for buying the chandelier and am telling you Amazon will not disappoint you. Amazon has a wide range from $25 up and the most amazing thing is they are cheap but look expensive.
  • With the holiday’s coming bargain chandeliers are best to begin with are classic styles. Some of you may know when I say “classic” it is instead of “traditional.” That’s because traditional is often a misnomer.
  • In some cases, the chandelier isn’t inherently inexpensive, but it’s on sale at a reduced price. One of the chandeliers was 85% off!!!
  •  There are a lot of bargain chandeliers that don’t have expensive parts. Those have the label, LEBIN. Which stands for “Looks Expensive But It’s Not.
  • Make minimum use of Crystals if you want your chandelier to be cheap or you can definitely use K9 Crystal and it will make a huge difference to the price tag.
  • Keep Chandelier’s  design as simple and decent as possible and it will directly make it less pricey.


What makes a chandelier expensive?

Factors that make a chandelier expensive are:  the time and labor required to make a chandelier, rare chandelier manufacturers i.e. additional import/export charges. Moreover, the crystals used; the design engravings, and above all the chandelier size.

What is the most expensive chandelier in the world?

The most expensive chandelier in the world was a 1736 styled Givenchy Royal Hanover German silver eight-light chandelier by William Kent. It was sold at Christie’s London’s sale of July 7, 2011, and had earned more than $9 million.

How much is a crystal chandelier worth?

A crystal chandelier with Swarovski crystal starts off with $2000; whereas a Legacy crystal chandelier ranges from $500-$1000. And the chandelier with heritage crystals costs roughly $1000-$2000.

How much should it cost to hang a chandelier?

An average chandelier installation costs $100-$400. This package includes the cost of labor and materials.

Are crystal chandeliers out of style?

Crystal chandeliers are still in style especially traditionally styled crystal chandeliers. Heavy crystal chandeliers in entry areas add dramatic declaration that’s enough to lure.


In a nutshell, everyone wants a chandelier for their household but they are really expensive depending on different factors (color, Size, Crystal etc) but if you look at the right place you can find the best chandelier easily. Best of luck!

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