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How to Customize your Carson Lights

Carson lights are the lighting fixtures that were invented back in the ’60s, but due to their amazing qualities, they’re still widely used. They are the light fixtures that can point the light over any spot with precision.

  • They’re strong and long-lasting lighting fixtures that are made of aluminum and cast iron. They’re durable, elegant, and universal.

Now, there are ways you can customize your lighting fixtures in many ways.

We’ll lead you on that and show you how to customize your Carson light. You’d want different lights in different kinds of setups.

What if we tell you that you can use the same fixture for different setups and all the lights will look unique and outstanding. Hun..?

Wait not, let’s see the customization!!


There are so many designs you can choose from. So choosing the right style of lighting fixture is extremely necessary for you so that you can place the right fixture at the right place.

Ask the store owner or a local expert for opinions over what kind of style would fit in your required area.

Some styles to choose from are:

  • Pendant
  • Wall sconce
  • Flush mount
  • Ceiling hanging
  • Vanity light
  • Gooseneck

Semi-flush mount

2. Picking the Right Color:

Pick the correct color for your space. There are many options available from vintage hues to earthy tones to what not.

Choose the correct color that goes with the theme of your room and the one that brings out the best in your room.

3. Picking the Frame:

There are many shapes of lighting fixtures that you can choose from. The frame or shade should complement the room and should not look like a mismatch.

Connect with an online lighting expert if you’re confused or don’t know much about this aspect.

There are many shapes and frames available, a few of them are:

  • Bell
  • Dome
  • Angle
  • Birdcage
  • Globe
  • Cone

There are even more shapes available. Check your local store for more ideas.

4. Choose the Neck Style and Projection:

There are various neck styles and projection designs available. You need to know the area diameter and width to choose the best one.

  • For instance, a long hanging neck handle will not look good in an angled ceiling. You need to have proper measurements to choose the projection and neck design.

A few mounting styles are:

  • Round Arm for Wall Mounting: This is for a wall fixture and it has a round metal arm.
  • Stem Mount: A straight metal rod connects to the head and it hangs from the ceiling.
  • Wall Mount: The fixture is connected to a wall through a metal rod.

5. Select the Arm Support:

Select the kind of arm support you need. Choose the one that goes best with the rest of the ambiance, for example, chain support will go best with vintage style room.
A few arm support options for you are:

  • Straight arm
  • Rejuvenation
  • Single Chain arm
  • L shaped arm
  • Double chain arm
  • Scroll support
  • Double scroll support (installed as one at the top and one at the bottom)

6. Select the Color Temperature:

Most people customize the fixture but do not concentrate on color temperature; not knowing that the color of the bulb has a huge impact on the overall look of the whole lighting fixture.

Therefore selecting the right colored bulb is essential.

There are different tones of bulbs available in the market. We’ll give you a heads up on them beforehand so when you’re out to buy it, you know what you need.

  • Cool White: This is more towards brighter and white hues. This color gives an energetic and bouncy vibe to the room.
  • Soft White: This is a soft yellow tone of the bulb. It gives off a gentle feel to the room. It tends to be a relaxed and easy bulb color so it can be used in many spaces.
  • Day-Light Tone: The daylight bulb is bluish-white in color tones. The daylight bulbs imitate natural sunlight shades so they’re bright and great to be used in task lighting.

7. Opt for the Right Material:

Opting for the correct material of the lighting fixture will help you to further enhance the fixture to its fullest.

  • Go for the one that best matches your aesthetic of the room and the one that stands out.

The available materials are:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Porcelain

8. A Little Heads Up

Keep in mind that no matter how hard you try to customize the lighting fixture, there are always a few factors that should be considered while choosing.

  • One of those factors is to remember to pick out the right fixture for the right place, for instance not all lights can be installed in damp areas.

So choose the one that supports the damp atmospheres too.


Customizing your Carson lighting is not that difficult and you should be able to easily customize the lighting with a few techniques that we’ve taught you.

Remember, the lighting fixture, however beautiful, will only look nice if the rest of the theme compliments it.

If the lighting fixture looks different than the theme of your room, you might end up making the whole room look weird.

Choose wisely and enjoy the process. CHEERS!!!

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